The Ded Moroz Slot Is Here to Show You That Christmas Is Not Over

Most of you saw Santa not that long ago, in one way or another, and hopefully he didn’t just give you a sack of coal. Whatever he brought you this time, you should know that he is not quite done yet. Not by a long shot. Spinomenal is making sure he sticks around for a while and by taking a shot at the freshly plowed Ded Moroz slot, you are opening up the field for more and much bigger gifts.

A chance to kick off a new year with a €150,000 max win plus more, is not something you turn your back on so take your newfound 2021 energy and blast through free spins, stacked wilds and the always appealing buy feature.

As Ded Moroz is the Russian version of Santa, you know he doesn’t mess around, so if he says he’s got some wins for you, you better be ready with open arms!

Take a Break Rudolph

Normally ditching Rudolph and reindeers for three horses, Ded Moroz doesn’t even need his sleigh to keep the 5 reels spinning in this particular snow filled adventure. Besides setting your preference among a wide spread of bet levels, you can also pick the number of paylines you would want to play with, anywhere between 10-100.


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Being a medium volatility slot, you have a great opportunity to get your hands on the €150,000 max win, a 3,000x multiplier or why not both! You will be playing with a 95.75% RTP that can help you reach that goal and with a bet limit set at €50 per spin, this thing is wide open.

How to Load up on Free Spins

You won’t have to search too far in order to find the scatter symbol as it literally has free spins written all over it and if you land at least 3 of them, you can get ready to sink your teeth into at least 10 free spins.

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Keep in mind that if you can land 5 scatters, you can look forward to a real party with 100 free spins!

Say Hello to the Stacked Wilds

During your free spins you will notice stacked wilds on every spin. It’s merely a treat from Ded Moroz himself and it will lock up one random reel on every single spin. As you can understand, this can have a tremendous effect on your success in this game!

Take the VIP Entrance

It is possible to sidestep the hunt for scatters by taking advantage of the buy feature. Modify the bet level according to your needs and take off into the land of the free spins.

Sure, it will cost you a pretty penny but it is a smooth and easy way to get the VIP treatment and enter the free spins through the back entrance.

Become a Believer

Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Papa Noel or Ded Moroz doesn’t seem to matter as they all come bearing gifts. Play your cards right in the Ded Moroz slot and you can reap the benefits over and over again.

One thing is clear. Regardless of your location and culture, you can still believe in Ded Moroz!