Go From Madagascar to the Moon With Space Zoo Slot!

Sacha Baron Cohen, I can’t get enough of this dude. He can somehow go from being Borat and Bruno, to a tiny lemur with the ego of Kanye West. Give this guy an Oscar!

King Julien from Madagascar is a legend, but he doesn’t make an appearance in Space Zoo slot – which is clearly based on the quirky cast of this popular animation. Guess someone’s gotta watch those conniving penguins.

It’s genius, actually, to use this hilarious movie as inspiration for a slot game. They went from New York Zoo to tropical island… Why not send them to space, too? It’s only fitting.

This is straight up an awesome game! Stick around to get all the deets about it.

More oxygen for Marty please

I’ve really been enjoying Hacksaw a lot lately. Rusty & Curly slot had me in stitches, and Space Zoo slot is a strong follower.

Of course, no provider can just blindly use characters that are owned by someone else. But they can use them if they make them look like they’ve got the oxygen sucked out of them – leaving them all cock-eyed and high as hell. Classic!

We’ve no doubt got Marty the Zebra, Alex the Lion, and Melman the Giraffe here, with some random elephant tagging along for the ride.

So, you can tell the theme is insane fun – and I can confirm, the features are too!


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Space zoomies and big bonuses

Cool, so this medium volatility slot has an extra-special base game feature, apart from the usual stardust power Wild Symbols hold.

It has a Wheel of Fortune, but not in the traditional sense. I mean, we are in space with a bunch of eccentric animals, aren’t we?

This one wins you a bunch of modifiers to help you win up to $350,000. It’s pretty cool. All you need to do is trigger it to land the Wheel of Fortune Symbol on the reels to shoot into intergalactic money-making madness! Or so we hope.


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Spin the Wheel of Fortune

If you activate the Wheel of Fortune, you can collect the following:

Added Wilds, which scatter up to 10 Wild Symbols on the grid. Symbol Upgrades, which turns all low-paying symbols into high-paying ones. Global Multipliers, which boost wins by up to 5x. Cash Prizes, which award up top 1000x your bet, and Extra Free Spins.

On top of all that coolness, the Free Spins Bonus sees the Wheel of Fortune activate way more frequently than in the base game. The bonus round is pretty awesome. And you can buy it. Another bonus!


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Got your ticket to the Space Zoo?

King Julien may be MIA, and Gloria may be an elephant – but this doesn’t hold Space Zoo slot back from being a total riot of a game.

It’s fun, easy to play, has an RTP of 96.22%, a Wheel of Fortune, and a really cool theme. What more could you want? Except for a stork just dropping $350,000 at your doorstep, of course.

Hacksaw’s games are edgy, and I love ‘em. This one’s no different… Give it a shot? You may enjoy it as much as I do.