Hack and Slash Your Way to Wins in Kensei Blades Slot

Did you know that in medieval times, training to become a knight started as early as 7? These children would serve first as a page and then a squire learning the ropes of being a knight. Then, if he made it through the rigors of training, he would be dubbed a knight around 18 years old. Lucky, at BitStarz, you won’t need to hang around for that long.

Jump into a land of knights and honor in the anime-inspired Kensei Blades slot from BetSoft and go on a quest for a €341,400 max win.

Your quest begins here

Unlike Golden Hero, BetSoft is not particularly known for anime-themed video slots. The company’s illustration style has always been focused on a more Western style. That’s not to say they haven’t nailed it with Kensei Blades slot, though. In fact, the graphics remind me a lot of the anime Seven Deadly Sins with the medieval aesthetic.


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There is, however, an issue. This type of illustration begs for some kind of animation. And while we get a few small character animations on the reels in Kensei Blades slot, we never see the two main characters move freely across the reels. I would have loved to have seen them in a full-length animation for a bonus feature. Nonetheless, graphically the slot still knocks it out of the park for me.

Fight for the riches of the kingdom

Kensei Blades slot may have one of the hardest triggers for its free spins bonus features that I’ve seen in a long time. Instead of grabbing three or more bonus symbols, you will need at least five symbols. And not only that, you have to get a bonus symbol on each reel. So, if, for instance, you managed to get five free spins but two of them were on the same reel, you’re shit out of luck. The only consolation is that the free spins are retriggerable up to 240 spins.


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Although the free spins are a bit of a bust, the Kensei Scatter is something unique that I found compelling. Instead of working across paylines, three or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels pay. Grab five of these symbols in a single spin, and you’ll score 50x your bet.

Rounding off the fighting duo is Sakura Wilds. Despite the fancy name, they’re just plain old wilds substituting for most other symbols to complete winning combinations. Sakura Wilds will, of course, not substitute for bonus symbols or Kensei Scatters.

Is Kensei Blades slot fighting fit or in need of some more training?

I honestly can’t tell why they chose to make the trigger for free spins in Kensei Blades slot so complicated. If there was an amazing feature that was always guaranteed to pay waiting for you, that would be one thing. There’s not, though. It’s just strange. This choice is not helped by a fairly lackluster 95.12% RTP rating, and the Medium volatility is just too little too late.

If you’re looking for anime-inspired slot games, I recommend giving Monster Domination or Moon Princess a try instead.