Go old school with Xpander slot – it’s bodacious!

Remember back in the day, when Nintendo games were all the rage and you’d spend hours playing Donkey Kong in an arcade in some dodgy shop somewhere? Ah, good times! It didn’t take much to impress us then – some pixelated characters jumping over barrels was good enough!

Fast-forward 40 years (crikey, has it been that long?) and it’s all about insane graphics, detailed scripts, and seemingly impossible camera angles. Sometimes it’s good to strip everything down to the bare bones and go old school – so join us as we get our nostalgia on with Xpander slot!


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Tumble, Hop, and Grow your way to riches!

Hacksaw Gaming’s Xpander slot is seriously retro-looking and stripped down. The reels are borderless and look like a 7×7 block against a purple skyline, and the controls are cleverly hidden so there’s a minimum of distraction. This, of course, makes it the perfect game for your mobile phone as it looks brilliant on a smaller screen.

Wins happen when you land 5 or more matching symbols horizontally or vertically on the grid. The biggest win – which pays out 20 to 80x your stake – happens when clusters of 15 or more matching symbols line up.

In terms of features, the first one is called Tumble, and this removes winning clusters from the grid. It does so in order to make space for new or existing symbols to take the empty spots and this can mean repeat wins. Tumbles only stop when there are no more wins on the reels.

The next feature is called the Hopper. This is a 2x multiplier and if it sits on top of a winning cluster, the payout is multiplied by the Hopper’s value. Double Up symbols can land anywhere and double the current multiplier up to a max of 128x! And you can land multiple Double Ups simultaneously!


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Are you ready to grow your wins?

Next is the Grow symbol, which is collected once it lands. For every 3 Grow symbols collected in a Tumble, this will increase the size of the Hopper from 1×1 to 2×2, 3×3, and even 4×4. Each time a multiplier grows, you’ll be awarded a respin.

The Free Spin feature kicks off when you land 3 or more free spins during the base game. You’ll now get 5 free spins and you’ll catch an extra free spin if you subsequently land a 1UP symbol.

Last, but not least, is the Bonus Buy feature. If you’re struggling to get free spins, you can always buy ’em. Click on the button and you’ll see a pop-up window with “Free Spins” and a price. Increase your bet and the cost goes up. If you’re happy with the amount, hit “Buy” and away you go!


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It’s back to basics for groovy, retro action!

Xpander slot is a game that will probably appeal to a specific, and limited, audience. There’s really not much going on, visually, to keep your interest going but as a game, you can take with you on the fly, it’s the shizzle.

Can you make money on Xpander slot? Sure! It has an RTP that comes in at 96.25%, the volatility is high and the multiplier is 10,000x so it’s entirely possible to make some serious cash.

If this is the kind of game you’re into, then why not try Arcader slot – it’s another funky, retro offering with a minimalist design and funky, 70s electronic music as the soundtrack!