Don’t Mess with the Chickens of Battle Roosters Bonus Buy Slot

I grew up in the 90s watching all kinds of absurdist cartoons when my parents gave me some screen time. We had Cow and Chicken, Ren and Stimpy, CatDog, and, of course, Rocko’s Modern Life. It’s no surprise, then, that I’m partial to a slot theme that turns something I think I know on its head.

Ass-kicking chickens is not a completely unique idea. However, when I launched Battle Roosters Bonus Buy slot from Evoplay, I was still struck by the absurd brilliance of the theme.

Bring on the absurd

Three or more gold bonus eggs will trigger a round of the slot’s Fight Spins bonus game. Once triggered, a hero symbol will be selected from a roster of seven. The hero from the symbol that is selected for you will represent you in each fight.


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Each fight will last five free spins. During the fight, only three symbols will appear on the reels: the hero, the opponent, and the bonus symbols. Any winning combination of the hero’s or opponent’s symbols will add one point to the representative side. So, for example, a winning combination of three hero symbols will add one point to the hero’s tally. If the hero has more points than the opponent at the end of the five free spins, then you’ll move on to the next fight. If not, your round will be over. Three bonus symbols will pay instantly, and their appearance will also add three more spins to the current fight. If the points are equal, the reels will continue to spin until someone has the advantage.

With each fight you win, you will receive a multiplier that will be applied to your bet amount. The multipliers will get larger the further you progress through the seven fights.


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If you’re not keen on picking a fight the old-fashioned way, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s Fight Spins bonus game. The buy bonus feature also gives you the chance to pick the hero of your choice. The price of each hero will help you to see which of the fighters is the strongest.

Does Battle Rooster Bonus Buy slot rule the roost?

Battle Roosters Bonus Buy slot offers high volatility. This means that the gameplay will skew towards rare big wins with long stretches of very few small wins. If you’re betting at the $75 a spin maximum, you stand a chance of winning up to $314,325. The slot has an RTP rating of 96.01%.

Last week, I criticized Evoplay’s The Belt of Champion Bonus Buy slot, and boy, did they bounce back quickly. The slot has an absurd theme, but it is taken so seriously and is so well executed that you can’t help but love it. The Fight Spins bonus game is a little complicated, but once you understand it, it is genuinely one of the most fun bonus games I have ever played. They absolutely nailed it with Battle Roosters Bonus Buy slot. I give this one the coveted ten out of ten score.

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