Grand Theft Auto V’s Playable Casino Results in Worldwide Bans


A key element of Grand Theft Auto V’s updated online offering has been banned in 50 countries after it was judged to have broken gambling laws. The update, called Diamond Casino and Resort and released three weeks ago, drops a full-on casino and resort into the online world which allows players to play casino games for virtual GTA chips. The groundbreaking feature sees players able to enter the fictional casino and sit down to popular casino games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and even some slot machines, which a number of countries have taken exception to.

50 Countries Ban Chip Purchases

After purchasing GTA chips at around $1.50 for 50,000, players can play a number of staple casino games as well as betting on virtual horse racing, all with the aim of increasing their stash. This novel feature has led to 50 countries banning players from buying chips citing local gambling laws, including China, Greece, South Africa, Czech Republic, South Korea, Sudan, Vietnam, North Korea, Thailand, Portugal, Poland, and Venezuela. Despite this, players have still managed to get their hands on in-game chips using software to re-route their internet connections through unaffected countries.

The First of Many?

Although the GTA chips have to be purchased with real money they cannot be sold back for legal tender and are instead used within the game, which some are arguing means that they do not contradict gambling laws. The update has clearly been a big hit with players, managing to shatter player number records and making it the biggest day and biggest week in the game’s history. This blending of online gaming and online casino play is an exciting development, and one that could see huge development in the future.

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