Have You Got What It Takes to Win in Squid Slot?

Are you ready to play the game? You’ll need to outwit, outplay and outlast. It’s like Survivor but with the fewer catfights and a touch more casual homicide. Yes, that’s right. Squid Game has come to a casino near you!

Enter the Squid Slot from NetGame and risk it all for a shot at the life-changing €250,000 jackpot!

Welcome to the game!

Squid Game has an unmistakable aesthetic, from the masks and bright red jumpsuits to the dalgona candy. Squid Slot takes full advantage of this by populating the reels with the very same masks, jumpsuits, and candy. However, the candy does feature standard playing card symbols instead of the circle, triangle, star, and umbrella featured in the series.


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The slot also gets the setting right. It’s set in the first arena from the series when the contestants play red light green light. The iconic oversized doll that officiates the games is, unfortunately, absent from the slot.

Do whatever it takes

If you’re going to play the game, you want to avoid being like the North Korean dissident who doesn’t know the rules. The more you know about the game, the better your chances of winning big!

The name of the game is symmetry. During base gameplay during you’ll be looking to grab nine identical symbols. If you managed to fill all nine spaces with the same symbol, your winnings will be DOUBLED!


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We all know where the real money is, though. It’s in that golden piggy bank that hangs above you, just out of reach! However, if you managed to grab three or more golden piggy banks on the middle reel, you’ll get one step closer to that €250,000 jackpot.

The appearance of the three golden piggy banks will unlock the Hold ‘n’ Link feature. Once unlocked, the three triggering piggy banks will be fixed in place while the other two reels are spun. Every new piggy bank amount will be added to your win total. If you fail to grab a new golden piggy bank on four consecutive spins, your Hold ‘n’ Link round will come to an end, and you’ll be able to grab your winnings.

Is Squid Slot ready for the game?

Squid Game took the world by storm. Almost overnight, imitations and recreations had started to pop up online, including Squid Slot from NetGame. Despite being a little short on bonus features, the slot is worthy of its association with the series. The graphics perfectly encapsulate the original, and the €250,000 jackpot is more than a little enticing.

Squid Slot does suffer from a slightly anemic 96.03% RTP rating and high volatility. However, those weaknesses are just not significant enough to keep us away from this one.

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