Get Ready for Rocking Wins in Gods of Rock! Slot

Being a God is hard work… There are so many expectations to live up to, especially if your dad is Osiris, Odin, or Zeus. Imagine the pressure to perform and the legacy to continue. World’s are on their shoulders, but really, all they want to do is be rockstars and shake, rattle, and roll on earth with us mere mortals.

Luckily for us, the Gods have found time in their busy schedules of punishment, turning people to stone, fighting evil and restoring peace, to put on a show for the ages – where wins of up to €200,000 are a headbang away. Watch this band of badass Gods riff the reels for electric wins in Gods of Rock! slot.

Lucifer takes the lead

The Gods of Rock are one hell of a group, one hell of a union. Let’s introduce you to the mean and magical musicians rocking out on your reels.

Who’s got a more heavy-metal voice than Lucifer? Nobody! He’s surrounded by screaming, yelling, and darkness, so it’s no wonder Lucifer takes the stage as the lead singer in this Thunderkick slot.

We have none other than Thor on the drums, hammering those tunes out with his iconic weapon of force. Anubis leaves the mummification behind for a bit and puts his paws to work on the keyboard.

On guitar, we have the monstrous Medusa strumming and stroking out sweet tunes, and on base, there’s sweet Athena, bringing the beat.

Sharing the reels with them are Card Deck Royal Speakers and the Sing of the Horns hand gesture – which is both the Regular and the Charged Wild symbol.


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Main game music to our ears

This high voltage, high volatility slot is jam-packed with fiery features in the main game. To kick off the concert of the century is the 466 ways to win payout system. Following this rocking news, we have Dropping Symbols which replace symbols that have contributed to a win in a spin.


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Turning up the volume is the Reel Multiplier Feature. Every Charged Wild that lands on a reel will increase the reel multiplier level by 1, and any win that’s achieved on a reel with a multiplier, will be awarded with that multiplier value added to it.


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The bonus is the encore

Encore, we want more! And boy, is there more in the Gods of Rock! slot show of greatness. We’re headbanging for the Wild Encore and the Bonus Game. The Wild Encore Feature activates when the Encore Bonus Meter is filled, throwing out 1 to 3 Charged Wilds into the crowd for maximum win potential.


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The blazing Bonus Game is triggered when the Bonus Track Meter is filled, and this is done with each exploded Charged Wild on the reels. Once accomplished, 8 Free Spins are awarded and will be awarded an extra 3 Free Spins when the Bonus Track Meter is filled once again.


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Get ready to rock like a God!

Gods of Rock! slot is a refreshing and creative game that sure does capture the audience with its theme, features, graphics, and hot rock sounds. Nowhere else will you see 5 Gods come together to show off their greatness for banging wins.

With a 96.05% RTP and loads of fun to be had, you’ll be putting your hands in the air like you just don’t care when this bunch of badass musicians take to the mic!