Slayers Inc Slot: Razor-Sharp Cyberpunk Action

Imagine a world where your coffee machine is smarter than your phone, your glasses can stream the latest season of your favorite show, and your fridge not only keeps your food cold but also orders groceries for you. Now, crank up the neon lights, add a dash of dystopia, sprinkle in some questionable fashion choices (think leather jackets and more zippers than necessary), and you’ve got the essence of cyberpunk.

Now that you’ve got the idea, it’s time to enter a world of cyberpunk fashion and neon reels with Slayers Inc slot from Hacksaw.

Get your cyberpunk on

In both the base game of Slayers Inc slot and during a round of free spins, the VS symbol will act as an expanding wild that will only activate if it has the opportunity to complete or boost a winning combination. Once activated, it will expand to fill the entire row, at which point two slayers will appear, each with a unique multiplier amount. The slayers will then battle with the multiplier attached to the victor, which will be applied to any winning combination that includes the expanding wild.


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The slot’s standard round of free spins is triggered with the appearance of three FS scatter symbols. You will be awarded a total of ten free spins, and during your round, there is a higher chance that VS expanding wild symbols will appear.

A round of the slot’s Wild Slayers free spins feature is triggered with the appearance of four FS scatter symbols on the reels. During a round of this free spins feature, there is a chance that the Slicer mechanic will be triggered. This mechanic will add a full row of wild symbols on a randomly selected row.

Finally, five FS scatter symbols trigger the One Slayer to Slay Them All free spins feature. During this round of free spins, the Slicer mechanic is guaranteed to trigger on every spin.

If any round of free spins is triggered with a Best of Bonus symbol appearing on the reels, you’ll trigger the Best of Bonus version of that free spins feature. The Best of Bonus versions will play three different rounds of your triggered free spins feature and will award the highest total winning value of the three rounds.


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If you’re not keen on getting your hands dirty with a blade, you can select to hire a slayer and buy your way to a round of one of the slot’s bonus features.

Is Slayers Inc slot razor sharp or as blunt as a butter knife?

When betting at the $20-a-spin maximum on Slayers Inc slot from Hacksaw, you’ll have a shot at winning up to $300,000. If you’re betting at the $0.10-a-spin minimum, you’ll have a shot at winning up to $1,500 thanks to the 15,000x maximum multiplier. Slayers Inc slot features high volatility and offers an RTP of 96.28%.

Hacksaw is very fond of monochromatic slots that feature splashes of bright colors to highlight features, characters, or mechanics. Some of them, like ITERO and Beam Boys, are great. Others like Cash Crew don’t quite live up to the hype. I generally like what they’ve done with Slayers Inc slot. The theme is cool and executed well with some fantastic graphics and animations. The problem is that the style does make it feel awfully familiar. I think Slayers Inc could have been a home run if they’d gone full color. Nonetheless, I think it’s a fun addition to the Hacksaw lineup. I give Slayers Inc slot seven out of ten.

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