Head Down the Rabbit Hole and Have a Blast in the Wild Hatter!

Watching your step while walking around is an advice given to us all as kids and unfortunately a lot of us tend to ignore it as we feel like we know better and lo and behold, accidents happen that could have easily been avoided if we had done just that. There have been people falling down rabbit holes and ending up in an unforgettable adventure but you won’t have to go looking for talking rabbits in order to go on a similar adventure in the newly released The Wild Hatter slot.

Alice may not be anywhere in sight but that doesn’t stop other characters from the famous story to appear. Get ready to have your head spun while you rack up the big wins in this delightful version from the team over at Red Tiger.

Meet the Crew

Your adventure starts with a 5×4 reel and 30 payline setup where a whole bunch of familiar faces will show up wanting to be part of your winning streak. Recognizable symbols such as the tea pot, top hat, pocket watch, horse chess piece and the Grinning Cheshire Cat will all join you and do their best to contribute anyway they can.

The game wouldn’t work without the Wild Hatter himself and he will appear as the wild and as per usual, has a few tricks up his sleeve so don’t be surprised when he appears and things take a turn.


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Spinning Hat Re-Spins

He may not be played by Johnny Depp this time around but that doesn’t make him any less spectacular. Land one of the Wild Hatter symbols and watch him take his superb hat and throw it at the screen to make your world spin. This magic trick will kickstart the re-spin feature that will make you some cold, hard cash.

A random symbol will be chosen and locked in its place while the re-spin begins. If you land more of the locked symbol they will stick to the reel and give your multiplier a boost. Keep landing the same symbols and watch the multiplier grow nicely by +1 every time. As long as the right symbols come in, this will continue and as you can understand make your win even bigger.


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It’s Magical out There

As magic as the story is, the wins in this slot is just as magic. The features are ready to rock and if your mind is as open as the Wild Hatter then there is no stopping what can happen.


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Get a Slice of the Pie

While the Wild Hatter will keep you entertained for ages, don’t forget that your spins count and you are advancing on the leaderboard in Slot Wars. Break the top 40 at the end of the week and get a slice of the €5,000 pie!