Save the princess in the Børk the Berzerker slot!

In Norse mythology, berzerkers were fierce warriors who fought with a wild, trance-like fury. These terrifying warriors petrified their enemies, who were all but powerless to stop them. Now, considering all that, how stupid do you have to be to kidnap that guy’s girlfriend?

In Børk the Berzerker: Hack ‘N’ Slash Edition from Thunderkick, an evil magician has stolen Børk’s girl, and he’s about to go berzerker on that dummy’s monster minions to get her back!

Is that a samurai or a Viking?

Samurai Jack. If you’ve ever watched the incredible animated series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network in the early 2000s, this slot will look familiar to you. It’s a beautiful homage to the animation style.

This is all to say, despite appearing simple, Børk the Berzerker: Hack ‘N’ Slash Edition slot offers some incredible illustrations and animation. The expanding wilds are particularly great, giving us a glimpse into the monochromatic magnificence that Tartakovsky used to punctuate his fight scenes.


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Hack and slash your way to wins

It’s time to grab your favorite mace and sheath your trusty sword because we’ve got some rescuing to do.

First, though, you’ll need to track down that dastardly magician. He’s not going to take your pursuit lightly either. As soon as you spin those reels, he’ll set his monsters on you to make sure that you don’t foil his devilish plans.

With the appearance of Børk on the reels, he’ll expand to fill the whole reel hacking and slashing unexpecting monsters and completing wins. The expanding wilds feature offers a number of unique animations of Børk doing battle with the magician’s monster minions.

If you want to save the princess, however, you’ll need to track down three or more of the magician scatter symbols. You’ll unlock up to 20 free spins and come face to face with the sorcerer still carrying Børk’s girlfriend, and boy oh boy is he in trouble.


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At the end of the free spins round, the battle will be won. Sure, we’d like to have seen a little of the hacking and slashing, but at least Børk saves the day and gets the girl. We mean, he has to start from scratch as soon as the reels start spinning again – a mere technicality.


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Will Børk the Berzerker save the girl?

That name. It’s an incredibly impossible mouthful. And what’s worse is there aren’t any other editions. There is no need for the rest of the name. Just call it Børk the Berzerker and be done with it. That’s said, this nitpicking is our one and only complaint.

Børk the Berzerker: Hack ‘N’ Slash Edition slot is great. It offers some fun bonus features and a jackpot of €105,000. The slot also features a surprisingly high return to player rating (RTP) of 97.34% and medium volatility, which gives you a nice balance between consistent wins and big wins.

It’s the animation that will keep you coming back though. Although the free spins rounds don’t come around often, the animation that explodes from the expanding wilds feature was really enough to keep us engaged for hours.

Once you’ve finished with the magician and saved the girl in Børk the Berzerker: Hack ‘N’ Slash Edition, you should also check out some of Thunderkick’s other games. Some of our personal favorites are Rocket Fellas Inc and Turning Totems.