Take a Big Bite Out of the Mouthwatering Om Nom Slot Calorie Bomb

Take a Big Bite Out of the Mouthwatering Om Nom Slot Calorie Bomb

Warning – do not play the Om Nom slot on an empty stomach! Hacksaw Gaming really pulled a prank on all of us with this one. Throwing in all the junk food, or shall we say comfort food, known to man and make us watch it over and over would be considered torture in some cultures but who are we to complain.

No matter how many thousands of calories this is, you won’t gain any actual weight from them. Unless there are a lot of them hiding in big wins of course. If that’s the case, we are all at risk thanks to the €360,000 max win.

The table is set with mystery symbols, multipliers and free spins, so what do you say? Let’s dig in!

All You Can Eat Buffet

It’s not every day you see 4 reels and 256 paylines covered in delicious treats of this magnitude. Donuts, cupcakes, chocolate bars, ice cream, pizza, hamburgers, french fries and popcorn all made it onto the reels and they look tasty. The vintage vibe adds a certain charm and we like it.

Take a Big Bite Out of the Mouthwatering Om Nom Slot Calorie Bomb

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Landing the €360,000 max win would make up for a lot of extra calories and with a medium volatility and 96.28% RTP, the big win is so close you can almost taste it.

Multiplying Mystery Symbols

Multipliers are always appreciated and in this game, a random symbol will be selected before every spin, which you can see on your left. If this mystery symbol matches the winning symbol, your multiplier spinner will start. It’s actually pretty exciting watching the pages flip before landing on a multiplier of up to 100x.

How to Get Free Spins

All you have to do to initiate the free spins feature is to land 3 of the free spin symbols. To make things even more interesting, additional wilds will be thrown into the mix which drastically increases your chances of winning.

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Before you ask, yes, the multiplier spinner will still be in play during free spins. Boom!

You Have Been Warned

The Om Nom slot may not look like much at first glance but it is a lot more fun than you may think. We love the cute little multiplier spinner and wish we could see it on every single game.

Before you dive into this mouthwatering collection of deliciousness, remember that you were warned!