The Arrival of Zillard King Slot Heralds Gargantuan Wins

Why is it that Godzilla never attacked cities in Europe or South America? It was always either Tokyo or New York? The King of Beasts clearly likes sushi and a good bagel.

Well, in Red Tiger’s off-brand Godzilla release Zillard King slot, the prehistoric beast is not about that life. This hipster of the beasts is starting a new trend and making landfall off the coast of what looks like Honolulu.

Did you feel that?

The first Godzilla movie was released in Japan in 1954. The movie would become a global hit, spawning decades of remakes, sequels, and knockoffs. Enter Zillard King, Red Tiger’s attempt to capture the magic of the kaiju genre without the highly recognizable and trademarked Godzilla name.


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So, do they manage to capture some of that Godzilla magic? Yes, they really do. The reels appear to have been crafted from scales, and the animated backdrop gives the slot a cinematic element that elevates the gameplay. Although the slot’s symbols are a little dull, the Zillard King wild symbol that bursts to life when it’s involved in a winning combination more than makes up for the rest.

The mysteries of the Zillard King slot need to be unlocked

This prehistoric beast is a mysterious entity with seemingly no motivation or malice. To unlock the mysteries of the Zillard King slot, you’ll need to collect as many gold coin symbols as you can find.

The slot’s gold coin symbols will randomly appear in the bottom right corner of standard symbols. If a wild symbol win is struck with gold coin symbols anywhere on the reels, the coins will be added to the bonus feature meter. As you progress up the meter, you will unlock three different upgrades for the standard wild symbol.

  • Level 1: Stacked wilds
  • Level 2: Stacked wilds with a random multiplier
  • Level 3: Stacked, sticky wilds with a random multiplier


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Once you have unlocked level three, the meter will be transformed into a sixth reel for a chance a huge six-symbol wins!

Is Zillard King slot a blockbuster?

Like most genres, kaiju films have taken a back seat to the endless superhero movies over the last decade. There is, however, still some cinematic magic there, and Zillard King slot has captured that beautifully. The graphics are great, and the bonus features are a breath of fresh air.

That is, however, not the entire story. The slot does offer a €150,000 max win, but that only comes from a 3,000x multiplier. This means that you’ll have to bet heavy at €50 a spin to stand a chance at the max win. Although the 96% RTP rating is far from the lowest I’ve ever seen, it also isn’t breaking any records.

If you’re looking for games with truly unbelievable RTP ratings, I suggest giving 100 Bit Dice (98 to 99%), Lightning Blackjack (99.59%), and Triple Bar (98.15%) a try.