Battle Ragnarök in Raven Rising Slot

Disney has shown us all the pretty sides of Norse mythology. In reality, the mythology is crazy as all hell! It’s filled with betrayal, sex, patricide, matricide, and a few other cides I’m sure. There’s also a bit about a cow licking a god to create the giants. It’s all very weird.

Explore the weird and wonderful world of Norse mythology in Raven Rising slot from Quickspin.

Battle through Ragnarök

When you’re getting ready for Ragnarök, you’re going to need to be prepared. If it comes, those weird preppers in the US are going to have the biggest smiles on their faces.


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The slot’s gameplay is built around its tumbling wins feature which removes symbols involved with winning combinations allowing new symbols to fall into their place. This gives you a shot at scoring multiple wins from every spin. Plus, with each tumble win, a global multiplier will be increased by 1x. In the base game, the global multiplier will continue to increase until a new spin, at which time it will reset to the base amount.

With the appearance of three or more raven scatter symbols on the reels, you’ll trigger a round of between 7 and 15 free spins. If you don’t unlock the full 15 free spins, you’ll be given the choice to either take your free spins or gamble them for a shot at getting more. However, if you’re unlucky, you’ll lose all your spins and be bumped back to the base game. Unlike the base game, during free spins the global multiplier will continue to grow until the end of the round. This gives you a shot at some large multiplier wins!


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for Ragnarök, you can select to buy a round of free spins. The slot’s buy bonus feature is very simple giving you one option and no ability to change your bet amount within the feature.

Is Raven Rising slot apocalyptic or a bit boring?

A Norse mythology-themed slot isn’t exactly an original idea. I’m not sure why this is a well that is so often used by slot providers, but there are hundreds of examples of this kind of slot. As a result, it’s really difficult to stand out from the pack.

So, does Raven Rising slot rise above the rest? Well, kind of yes. The graphics are fantastic with some amazing illustrations and great animation. The slot’s gameplay is also great with interesting features with a number of opportunities to win. The slot does have high volatility which means waiting longer than you’d like between wins. However, with a 6,804x max multiplier and a 96.07% RTP you can push down that bet amount and stick around for as long as you need while still having a shot at some nice wins.

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