Not one, not two, but 88 Dragons Treasure slot!

If you’re looking for a great drinking game, scroll through our casino selection and take a shot every time you see a slot with “dragon” in the title. Be warned, you’ll need a large bottle and the tolerance of an Irishman.

Tangents aside, the 88 Dragons Treasure slot from Belatra Games treads a familiar path leaning on themes and iconography that have been well used over the years. So does this 5-reel, 243 ways-to-win slot bring something new to the table? Is it a unicorn bucking the paint-by-numbers trend of Chinese-themed slots explored by every major slot developer?

Let’s find out!

Beer goggles or not, it’s beautiful

While the slot’s originality may be in question, its execution is not. If you’re already several shots into our 88 Dragons Treasure drinking game, fear not. It’s not the drink. It is this beautiful.

The 5-reel 88 Dragons Treasure slot’s framing features traditional Chinese architecture and iconography. The reels are filled with scrolls, lotus flowers, teapots, and, of course, dragons. In place of the traditional playing card suits, the slot features the Chinese hanzi characters for fortune, gold, dragon and… Anakin? The Google translation for that last one probably isn’t right.

The slot’s gameplay revolves around four progressive jackpots. To stand a chance to win each jackpot, you will need to place progressively higher bets. A minimum bet precludes you from winning any of the jackpots leaving you to try for the 1,000x-your-bet base jackpot.

To compete for a chance to win all four jackpots, you will need to bet the maximum of 88 credits. The slot features a handy guide above the reels that highlights the jackpots your bet gives you a chance to win.


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Does this dragon have the right stuff?

At this point, you should be a dozen or so shots into the 88 Dragons Treasure drinking game. If you’re still seeing straight, let’s see what bonus features this slot has to offer.

The appearance of three or more 88 Dragons Treasure scatter symbols on the reels will unlock 10 Free Spins. The Free Spins are retriggerable up to a maximum of 300 Free Spins.

The Free Spins are, however, just the appetiser. At the centre of the slot is the mighty dragon. When firecracker wilds appear on the reels to complete wins, the dragon springs to life to devour them.

When the dragon is full, it grants you access to a second-screen bonus game for a chance to win a progressive jackpot. To win, you will need to uncover three of the same color crystals. If you manage it, you’ll win the jackpot that corresponds to the color of the crystals you matched.


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For those still standing…

If you’re still going at this point, we salute you. So, is 88 Dragons Treasure slot that unicorn we mentioned in our opening paragraph? Well, no. The slot has clearly been created with care. Its graphics are beautiful, and the sound effects and music add to the atmosphere perfectly. However, it just doesn’t do much new. You could easily mistake this one for a dozen other titles with “dragon” or “treasure” in the title.

With the addition of an anaemic RTP of just 90% and high volatility, it’s left to the progressive jackpots to do all the heavy lifting. And sure, the jackpots certainly make for an attractive reason to keep playing. We just think your time may be better spent playing one of our other jackpot games.

If you’re looking for a slot with an attractive progressive jackpot, the quirky Prehistoric Story and the electric Night Racer offer unique features, great graphics and exciting gameplay!