How Cryptocurrency Is Revolutionizing Online Casino Play

How Cryptocurrency Is Revolutionizing Online Casino Play

When it comes to online casino play, the future isn’t near – it’s now. Increasing in popularity and notoriety, cryptocurrency fever is sweeping the globe, with online casinos quick to embrace the market. No other sector has greeted Bitcoin and altcoins more warmly than the casino industry. Just look at BitStarz, supporting BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, and DOGE, it’s taking the idea of cryptocurrency casino play and making it mean something.

BitStarz is breaking new ground with what it’s bringing players, but it’s certainly worth looking at the industry as a whole. The following takes an in-depth look at how cryptocurrency is revolutionizing online casino play in 2018!

Lightning-fast funds

There is plenty of fun to be had when you play at an online casino, but jackpots and real money wins are what players are really after. Sadly, payment processing hasn’t exactly been the industry’s calling card over the years. The introduction of cryptocurrency has thankfully banished the slow cashout blues once and for all, as the leading digital currencies can allow anyone to withdraw winnings almost instantly. The large percentage of Bitcoin withdrawals are confirmed within minutes, showing that lack of speed isn’t an issue that cryptocurrency casino players have to worry about.

Comparing the lightning fast-nature of Bitcoin to other payment methods, it’s clear that it beats them all hands down. MasterCard and Visa require 3 to 5 days to clear, while a bank transfer can take up to 7 days, so it’s obvious as to why those with quick cash on the mind are choosing to play at cryptocurrency casinos.

Behind closed doors

There certainly isn’t a stigma attached to playing the best online casino games around anymore – it is a leading form of entertainment after all. But, that doesn’t mean that privacy is something players should just forget about. Privacy often makes online casino gambling feel more exciting, as it ensures that you’re able to build a bankroll out of the public eye. Standard currency casinos have had major issues with player privacy over the years, especially as Visa and MasterCard payment information effectively reveals all about a player’s identity.

Bitcoin and other cryptos carry a certain degree of pseudonymity, so anyone can play the games they love without feeling like some is looking over their shoulder. No judgment, just fun, cryptocurrency has put privacy back into online casino play, something that it had been sorely missing as of late.

Under lock and key

Another factor that’s haunted online casinos over the years is security, as we’ve lost count of the number of breaches, hacks, and lost data incidents that have occurred. Something had to change to put online casino play back on the right track as far as security is concerned. Enter cryptocurrency – specifically Bitcoin – as it represents arguably the most secure currency in the world, making it perfect for the world of online casino play.

The level of player protection undertaken by cryptocurrency casinos is simply amazing. ID verification, SSL encryption, RNG testing, third-party auditing, – and in the case – of BitStarz, personable and unmistakable customer support, ensure total player safety. That’s without saying anything of Bitcoin itself, as its secure nature as a currency is unprecedented. Wallet platforms and crypto exchanges have been dealt some harsh lessons over the years – see the fall of Mt. Gox as a prime example – but it’s been a learning curve in many ways. Through online storage and cold storage, Bitcoin has been something of a revelation as far as fund protection is concerned. Through layer after layer of encryption, cryptocurrency casinos have upped the level of security to the max.

A product of the digital age

Standard currencies aren’t going anywhere, but what’s obvious is that no paper and coin commodity is a product of the digital age. Online casinos that work strictly with standard currencies face plenty of challenges as a result. The harsh reality is that bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards were never meant to be used online like they are today. Sluggish, costly, and often ineffective, these characteristics say a lot about how old-fashioned cash currencies have the power to weigh down an online casino.

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin are products of the digital age, so they’re a near-perfect solution for online gambling platforms. Cryptocurrency is cash for the digital age and it’s taken casino play to the next level.

Cryptocurrency is changing the game!

Cryptocurrency has been making an impact in practically every industry you can think of, but it’s found a true home in the online casino domain. Because of its online optimization, cryptocurrency eliminates the need for all the struggle that comes with traditional currency casino play. Guaranteeing a high level of privacy, security, efficiency, and ease-of-use, cryptocurrency casinos have brought the world all-action casino play in a way that is nothing short of revolutionary!

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