Learn How to Win When Playing at Online Casinos!

We all want to be big winners, and there’s no better feeling than watching the coins fly off the screen into your wallet. What if we told you there’s a special recipe to make these mega wins come around more frequently? You would be shocked, wouldn’t you!

So, we’re going to brave the big boss and dish out the ultimate recipe on how to win big. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you win big and spend that hard-earned money on the things your heart desires – not to mention it makes our job easier. Start taking notes, as we’re dishing out the tips on how to win big when playing at online casinos!

Become a VIP

The first step in winning big more frequently at an online casino is to become a VIP. This means you’re a high roller with a huge bankroll. Now, this might seem like a tall order and something you really don’t have the time, finances or energy to do, but it’s actually not that hard. Just remain loyal and deposit as much as you can afford to. VIPs get higher limits at tables and on slots, and this in turn means you can win more. The more you bet, the more you can win. So, with raised limits as a VIP, you have access to truly legendary wins.!

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Know Your Game

Before you dive head first into a game and drop your hard-earned money, make sure you’ve tested the game out and learned how it works. This will give you an instant advantage as you will know what combos you’re looking for and how the game plays. This is truer on table games than slots, but it also helps to demo play slots before you give them a spin. Know your enemy and learn their weaknesses – it’s simple really.

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Look Out for Hot Slots

Big wins usually come in pairs, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the latest big winners at BitStarz. One solid example of this was last year on Azrabah Wishes. In May, one player won a rather juicy €752,450 from a single spin on Azrabah Wishes. Then, five days later, another player won $2,458,064 from a single spin on the very same game. The stats don’t lie, so stay tuned to the BitStarz blog to read about big winners and stay in the loop.

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These tips might seem rather obvious, but if you follow them you too can become a big winner and rumble the casino. Becoming a VIP might be a bit of a challenge for some, so keep an eye on tables with higher limits and slots that have a larger max bet if you can’t get higher bet limits. Good luck out there, if you win big thanks to these tips, don’t forget us!