How to Bend the Rules in Poker and Win Like a Pro!

Rules are there to be broken, and while breaking the rules might get you kicked out or your account shut down, bending the rules can occasionally be totally fine. In fact, bending the rules is often encouraged in multiple casino games, and today we’re taking a look at bending the rules in poker.

Smart players that bend the rules in poker often turn out to have the better hands and will walk away with the cash, so if you think you’ve got a great hand, or have nothing at all, don’t be afraid to bend the rules and try to win that pot!

The Perfect Bluff

If you get chatty when you’ve got a good hand, then make sure you’re equally chatty when you have nothing – it’s common sense. There are no rules against slowly raising when you have a terrible hand and getting into the heads of the other players around the table. Don’t be shy to trash talk and make them doubt their hand. We’ve seen top poker players like Danial Negreanu do this time, time and time again when he has nothing. HE is so skilled at bending the rules, he manages to make his opponents believe he has an epic hand, when in turn he has nothing but trash.

Always Be the Big Fish

Sure, it does feel exciting and thrilling to play in big stakes games with some of the biggest names in poker, but these games are much harder to win. So, if you’re a good player, don’t be afraid to seek out tables that have players with little to no experience. These types of players are easy to spot simply from the way they set up their chips and sit at the table. There is nothing in the rules about being a big fish at the table, and don’t be afraid to cash up the big bucks either. Even in small stakes games you can have as many chips as you wish, and it’s always better to have a bit more weight to throw around with small fish players!

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Play the Preflop Like a Legend

While it’s not strictly a rule that’s there to be broken, don’t be afraid to observe fellow players very closely during the preflop. New players will likely fold bad hands and only raise on good hands, making them easy targets later in the game. Some players will also be sloppy at the start of the game as nerves haven’t yet settled. If you’re paying close attention to each player, you might even get to sneak a peek at poorly covered cards.

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There you have it, if you bend these rules ever so slightly, your edge can increase and you will have a better chance at walking away with everyone’s chips. Just be careful not to take things too far, otherwise you could find yourself on the wrong end of a ban or removal from a casino!