Online PVP Poker is Full of Bots – Be Careful

Playing poker online is becoming a dwindling hobby for many people, simply due to the sheer number of bots that play the game. Programmers will develop smart bots that can calculate every possible hand that has been dealt at the table, the odds of its hand winning, and much more, making the game unfairly one-sided. Even pros from the live poker world struggle against automated bots, so no wonder online players are quitting and heading down to play on the real felt.

Bots Can’t Play at the Land Based Casino

Bots are very easy to make or at least buy online. You can set them up to play in hundreds of live poker rooms online simultaneously and start raking in the cash. While online casinos are slowly working on removing these bots from their poker rooms, it’s very tough to do so. This means players are leaving the virtual poker rooms and heading down to their favorite land-based casinos where the bots simply can’t join them – well except for Sofia Bot perhaps.

No Solution to the Poker Bots

Unfortunately, online casinos have no secret weapon they can use against these online poker bots that roam poker rooms. This has led to a significant decrease in the number of casinos that offer live player versus player (PVP) poker online. You can still play a game of poker online against the house at most casinos, but you won’t have the pleasure of playing against other humans – it detracts from the thrill of the game.

Bots Know Every Possible Outcome

Bots quickly rack up the wins and will drain the funds of even the most advanced or experienced poker player. The bots can make calculations, predictions and assumptions far faster than humans can – think of it like card counting in Vegas, but on steroids. Humans stand no chance against these data-hungry bots that analyze the table thousands of times a second. As soon as the first can is dealt, the bot can start to predict every other hand possible until the shoe of cards is empty, so don’t try to go toe to toe with a bot – it won’t end well.

Play Other Games Online for More Fun

Online gambling is all about having fun and getting the best chances of winning without leaving your front door. Baccarat is one of the easiest games to play and offers a house edge of only 1.06% on certain bets – meaning you could quite quickly fill your boots. If you prefer more interaction with your card games, you could always try your hand at blackjack! At BitStarz casino we have an abundance of both baccarat and blackjack tables just waiting for you to play on.

However you choose to gamble online, you have to just be wary of the bots out there trying to scam you out of every single penny you have. The house edge might be relatively low on poker, but when you add bots into the equation, your chances of winning drastically drop.