Spin Our Hottest Reels for a Better Shot at Winning Big

Trigger happy outlaws, a visit to the Australian outback and driving that puts the Fast & Furious franchise to shame is what you have to look forward to this weekend. As the stats don’t lie, these 3 games are paying out more than the rest and are our hottest slots of the week.

Nolimit City, Belatra and iSoftBet are the ones bringing the action this time and with these 3 games, there’s plenty of it.

Deadwood – Nolimit City

Rounding up the dirty outlaws in one of the baddest showdowns in the history of the Wild West is a tough job but someone has to do it. This someone is you but when it’s all said and done, the reward is mighty from collecting the bounties in the Deadwood slot.

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Picking the Hunter spins is taking the safe route but if you really are the quick-drawing cowboy you think you are, there are plenty of extreme volatility payouts waiting for you in the Gunslinger spins feature. Collect the bounties and ride off into the sunset with pockets full of cash.

The Night Racing – Belatra

It’s a different world out there when the kids are asleep and The Night Racing slot will take you right to the center of it. With a ton of horsepower and nitro boosts up the wazoo, you have a shot at making some serious dough. If you know how to handle what’s under the hood, that is.

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Don’t worry, you’re not risking any pink slips but there is honor on the line and who knows, perhaps there’s even a cameo role in the next Fast & Furious. This is high octane action at its finest!

Roo Riches – iSoftBet

Wins have been hopping, skipping and jumping out of the Roo Riches slot lately and players have been stuffing their pouches with them. You think you know your way around these fantastic animals? Here’s a chance to prove it and make a ton of cash doing so.

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Free spins in the moonlit outback is one thing but the real action takes place when you activate the Lightning Bet. Fill the grid with lightning bolts and find out the true meaning of Roo Riches!

Don’t Forget About the Rest

If you like these games or enjoy winning in general, make sure you swing by our exciting game lobby and take a look at the rest of the games. There are a ton of fantastic slots that are looking for winners like you. Go get them!