The ultimate free spins guide to winning BIG at BitStarz!

Free spins are the master keys to unlocking the massive payouts you’ve always been looking for when playing online slots. These little bonus nuggets of pure ecstasy can turn your day from “meh” to “OH YEAH!” in a matter of seconds.

How? This free spins guide has the answer. Join us on this exclusive tour through the wonderful world of free spins for an in-depth look at the types of free spins and how they could change the way you play online slots forever. We’re going to show you how to get free spins on slots and point out a few slot games with free spins too – so pay attention boys and girls!


Think of this as your golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s free spin factory with the inside scoop served on a silver platter for you to maximize your winnings when playing with free spins for money!

What are free spins?

Free spins are bonus games awarded when unlocking certain features while playing slot games that include free spins. They can also be included as part of either a free spins promotion or a deposit bonus at a casino, such as the incredible stack of 180 free spins along with your first deposit bonus at BitStarz.

These bonuses allow you to spin the reels without having to wager any of your credits – sounds amazing right? Well, it gets better!

Different Shapes and Sizes

Just like candy, free spins come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know what to expect when you get your hands on a bunch of these sweet treats. Don’t be alarmed, we have your back with this free spins guide. The wonderful world of free spins welcomes all who wish to win, and you’ll be a pro in no time – that’s a guarantee!

Welcome to BitStarz – Here’s a Stack of Free Spins to Get Started!

First up, the free spins on signup, also known as no-deposit free spins. These golden wonders give you the first taste of what’s to come when joining a new online casino.


These bonus free spins are awarded when opening a player account and are usually included in welcome packages as an incentive for players to join a casino. BitStarz is the best free spins real money casino, we’ll give you 20 free no-deposit spins upon signing up with no strings attached. Check out our incredible welcome package at BitStarz and claim your free spins bonus today!

In most cases, you’ll find terms and conditions when it comes to free spins that have been acquired through promotional bonuses and giveaways. Always check the bonus terms and conditions to be sure.

Reload and Fire Away

Always look out for casino promotions that award free spins with deposits, also known as reload bonuses. These free spins are claimed by depositing funds in accordance with the promotional requirements, using a bonus code to deposit, or with your first few deposits as part of a welcome package.

When it comes to finding the best free spins promotion, BitStarz is your destination. Grab 180 free spins with your first deposit bonus or get wild and wacky with the BitStarz Free Spins Wednesday promotion. We told you this free spins guide has you covered!


In most cases, these free spins will only be valid for specific games with wagering requirements. That being said, free spins are still free spins, and there’s no shortage of action with free spins bonuses at BitStarz.

The Real Deal

Finally, the best free spins of all. In-game free spins are the most common type of free spins on slots. These are undoubtedly the best freebies and will potentially change the way you play online slots – if you know how it’s done!

These are different to free spins on signup or promotional free spins. They are usually triggered by landing scatter symbols in slot games, completing a specified amount of combination wins in a row, or collecting a certain number of cascading wins. You can only trigger these types of free spins while playing a slot and they’ll usually be played at the same bet value as the spin that triggered the feature.

Some slots have task-orientated requirements for unlocking free spins. Fluffy Rangers slot would be a great example of this. It gets very exciting as you feel the free spins getting closer when collecting all the necessary symbols to unlock pure magic.

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How can I claim free spins bonuses?

Receiving a fresh stack of free spins always gets the adrenaline going as the excitement kicks in. At BitStarz, we give away free spins in a number of our exciting promotions and bonuses. If you haven’t signed up and claimed your 20 free spins on signup yet, get your BitStarz account set up and ready for action immediately after reading this free spins guide.

For other free spins bonuses, simply log in to your account and click on the drop-down menu under your user name in the top right corner. Then select “My Account” and click on the “Bonuses” tab in the menu and all your bonuses will be displayed. Select the bonus which you’d like to activate and Kapow! You’re ready to roll.

Remember that in most cases the free spins bonus can only be used on games specified in the promotion details. Search the game name in the BitStarz slots menu, and start raking in the dough.

How do I win big with free spins?

While there isn’t really any strategy for winning bigger payouts during free spins, you still have control over the bet value before unlocking the free spins.

You can try to increase and decrease your bet value every few spins, or increase after you’ve been losing for a few spins and hope to trigger the feature with a high bet. You can also factor in the volatility and RTP of the slot when trying your luck.

With this strategy, you might just get to play your free spins at a higher bet value and possibly make huge returns during free spins as many games have added multipliers and payouts during these features. This strategy can be used for mobile slots free spins too.

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You can count on these bonuses during free spins to win real money when they start paying out, so try to find the best free spins games at BitStarz! And you’ll know exactly what to do after reading this free spins guide.

Are free spins for slot games only?

When it comes to collecting free spins real money, it’s important to know if the slot you’re playing features a free spins bonus and where to find free spins games. You’d be surprised to know that not all games have the free spins feature, but at BitStarz, the possibilities are almost endless. Check out our beginner’s guide to slots for a few games with free spins and extra tips on playing slots.

Free spins are generally found online in free spins video slots. But mobile casino free spins exist too. When you’re away from your computer and want to get in on the action, pull out your phone or tablet and take your free spins mobile. A few table games and live games have bonus rounds that resemble free spins, such as spinning a bonus wheel, similar to what could happen in Crazy Time live game with its four bonus rounds.

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Get spinning on the house with BitStarz today!

There may be many free spins guides out there, but we know this one will have you collecting free spins like a pro. What are you waiting for? You now know where to find free spins real cash, sign up at BitStarz and catch a free ride!