Hunt for Golden Eggs in Chicken Chase Slot

The exact origins of the phrase winner winner chicken dinner are disputed. Some say it originated in Las Vegas and that it referred to the fact that a $2 dollar standard bet at a blackjack table was enough to buy a chicken dinner. Others say it came from the great depression with desperate men betting anything they had to change their fortunes, including their chicken dinner.

Who needs chicken dinners when the chicken in question lays golden eggs! Well, that’s the score in Chicken Chase slot from Pragmatic Play.

Welcome to farm life

If Old McDonald had a chicken that laid golden eggs, he probably wouldn’t have any other animals. He’d be living the high life with a chicken coup to match the opulence of his lifestyle.


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Chicken Chase slot, however, is set in a standard farm setting with that archetypal barn design and a spinning windmill being the main features of the background. The slots reels are built into a wooden frame that really matches the farm aesthetic perfectly. The reels are populated with beautifully illustrated symbols, including chickens, a turkey, a wolf, and all the fresh produce you’d expect on a farm.

Just how golden are those golden eggs?

All that glitters is not gold, and ain’t that the case with Chicken Chase slot. The slot is all but devoid of bonus features—it offers a unique gameplay element and a single very limited bonus feature. That’s it.

Each spin of Chicken Chase slot is split into two halves, much like a game of 5-card poker. Following the first spin of the reels, you are given a chance to hold any of the five reels. To help you out, the slot will automatically hold the most advantageous reels, but you can select to hold more. The reels will then be spun again to see what you’ve won.

With the appearance of three or more golden eggs, you’ll unlock the slot’s bonus round. Once you do, you’ll head into the coup for a chance to choose between one of four chickens. After making a selection, the chicken in question will lay an egg revealing a random cash prize.


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Over and above these features, the only other element the slot offers is a wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols except the golden bonus egg.

Is Chicken Chase slot royal or rotten?

There is definitely something here. Both the hold feature and the bonus feature are interesting game elements. However, they’re just not enough. If they’d thrown in another base game bonus feature and a round of free spins, Chicken Chase slot would have been very compelling. As is, however, there just doesn’t seem to be enough there.

This is likely largely due to its low to medium volatility coupled with the 96.48% RTP rating. You won’t be getting any big wins from this one but if you play for long enough, you’re unlikely to lose very much.

This combination of a healthy RTP rating and manageable volatility also affects the max bet and your potential for big wins. With an eye-wateringly high max bet of €100, you’d expect the chance for some good money. However, with a max multiplier of just 210x, the most you’ll be able to win is €21,000.

If you’re looking for clucking good fun, I recommend giving Chicken Drop and Golden Gallina a try.