If You Liked Shark Tale Then You’ll Love Shark Wash Slot!

Hey, have you seen Shark Tale? It’s great.

We’ve had way too many weird games inspired by Aladdin make it to the reels. It’s about time providers switch things up – and copy some DreamWorks titles instead. LOL!

Copycat Disney games are as old as Will Smith’s Oscar-winning slap. Belle, Snow White, Cinderella… If you try to squeeze another game out of these chicks, all that fairytale Botox will deflate. POOOF. Gone.

Speaking of Will Smith, it seems Shark Wash slot decided to leave his puny, underachieving fish self in the trenches for this one and make way for the real bigwigs, the sharks!

Are you interested? I mean, you can win up to €250,000 just for getting clean with some scaly sharks.

Sharks washing each other?

Shark Tale’s car wash was just that, a car wash. But is that really necessary when the “cars” are underwater anyway? Regarding Shark Wash slot, I think it just hit me…

There are no cars in the game, like at all. So, it really must be a ‘shark wash.’ Guess sharks pull into this joint for a little rub down by a bunch of shark degenerates. That’s an unsettling thought.

Credit for this refreshing release goes to Relax Gaming, who has been exciting us with several extra impressive slots of late (you need to play Cash Defense slot!).


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Always hungry for a Wild Countdown feature

You can’t miss what looks like a pink “W” wheel on the right-hand side of the reels. I even tried to click on it a few times – that’s how much it dazzled me!

Don’t click it; nothing happens when you do that. But a lot can happen if you know how the Wild Countdown feature works.

In short, the Wilds in this 96% RTP slot are sticky and come with a counter that starts anywhere from 1 to 5. With every tumble that Wild wins on, the counter will decrease by 1.

The best part is that several of these can land on the reels at any given time, including at the same time!


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Get down and dirty with the Bonus Game

From Shark Wash slot, I’ve learned that sharks will eat anything. Even their own hard-earned cash. The truth is, what do they need it for? They can just bully their way through the world, getting what they want.

Or at least that’s the way I see them. Until they come head-to-head with an Orca. Those dudes are disturbed.

Anyway, I digress. I was talking about hard-earned cash – Get yours in the Free Spins bonus game where up to 5,000x your bet can be won!

Here, you can expect the Wild Countdown Multiplier feature to be active too.


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No submarines or shark cages needed

Man, that billionaire submarine story is quite something. I sure don’t have the lady balls to go out on extreme ocean adventures like that, or fishing, or shark cage diving.

I am best on land or on a luxury yacht. And I can play the high volatility Shark Wash slot here – I wouldn’t advise another setting. Especially one that involves actual sharks or deep waters. Let’s stay clear of those for a while!