Transylvania: Night of Blood Slot Is Way Better Than Twilight!

I wonder if Transylvania is all that Bram Stoker made it out to be. The last time I went to a ‘grim and dark’ destination – it was hardly that.

Yeah, it was a really old and decrepit cemetery that’s said to be super haunted. But it was the most serene old and decrepit cemetery I’ve ever seen. The betrayal.

Honestly, if I ever get to Romania, I expect to see full-moons, fog, bats, and hear screams too while I’m at it. Can someone set that up for me please? If It’s not too much to ask.

Speaking of wishful thinking, you can win up to €160,000 in the new Transylvania: Night of Blood slot. And the better news is that it’s way better than Twilight. (Like that’s hard).

An immortal battle to be amped about

I’d imagine it’s not much fun getting mauled by werewolves or being neck-stabbed by vampires. Although, there are fetishists who seek this kind of action. Interesting.

I’ll let you in on a little secret; I really, really, really, enjoy the vampire/werewolf/supernatural genre (and yes, that excludes Superman and Mojo Jojo).

Naturally, I’ve played a lot of these kinda slots, with this Red Tiger one, being a solid pick.

Ok so the graphics are more tween-fantasy than they are horror, but there are loads of other games to play that can scare you shitless. So… Let’s proceed.


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Get ready for a full moon frenzy

Transylvania: Night of Blood slot has a high volatility and a lineup of excellent features for us to feast our eyes on.

Let’s start off with the Vampire Bite. One of my favorite experiences playing slots is when something just ‘appears’ on the screen… This often means something good is coming.

For instance, when you see juicy red lips appear, it means the lustrous Wild is about to land on the reels.

Another thing that appears are Werewolf Scratches. These happen anywhere on the reels and add a Ways Multiplier to the tile it lands – on making that symbol a hell of a lot more powerful. Several Werewolf Scratches can appear in a spin, making things very exciting.


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And now for the Free Spins battle of blood

The Free Spins Bonus in this 94.7% RTP slot is great. Basically, you can play the Vampire Spins, the Werewolf Spins, or come head-to-head for a colossal contest of the egos in the Battle Spins round.

To trigger the Vampire Spins, you’ll be needing 2 Vampire Scatters on the reels to activate them, where Vampire Bites (aka Wilds) swarm the reels.

To trigger the Werewolf Spins, 2 Werewolf Scatters need to be secured on the reels in a spin. As you probably guessed, Werewolf Scratches are in play and ready to tear things up for wins.

Should both of these Scatters be summoned at the same time, you’ll enter the Battle Spins – where both Vampire Bites and Werewolf Scratches come to raise hell on the reels.

All these variants have the potential to pay out big, so try activate them all!


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I don’t mind a little bite and scratch here and there

I am only referring to playing Transylvania: Night of Blood slot (and petting my cat). This game is a good one.

And the Bonus Round music sounds like My Chemical Romance with added howling effects to bring on the ambiance. I’m not complaining.

I hope you enjoy it and some of that mortal money makes its way into your pockets 😉