Gothic Glory is Yours to Claim in Cthulhu Slot!

Do you dare to dabble with a god who slumbers in the sea? If your answer is no, then you’re probably a pretty sensible fella, so good on you! If your answer is yes, then we better dive in deeper as you get wrapped up in the mysterious and mythical Cthulhu slot, where wins of up to €240,120 are hiding beneath the surface.

Cthulhu – part octopus, part dragon, part human – is one behemoth beast you don’t want to awaken. He’s got the whole of humanity trembling in fear, for when he rises from his sleep, doom draws near. Kinda like Jeepers Creepers. Cool, so now you’re up-to-date and there’s no going back… Let the tangled tango for treasures begin.

Spin for chills and thrills with this gruesome game

If you’re wondering where the outlandish name, and story, of Cthulhu came from, then travel back with us to 1928, where fantasy-horror writer, H.P Lovecraft, introduced The Call of Cthulhu to the world. He is the great-grandson of the greatest evil in all the universe, and Yggdrasil has brought him back to life for our peril, or privilege.

Dark and ominous, you’ll be spinning for wins with 5 fantastical Cthulhu Hunters, and Gemstones in the shapes of Diamonds, and the Card Deck Suits.

The Wild is wicked, and resembles an eerie Treasure Chest, while the Scatter is of Cthulhu staring you down in all his majesty.


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The craze of Cthulhu is calling for bonus bounty

Answer the call of Cthulhu, because The Craze of Cthulhu bonus will have you battling it out with his mighty minions for otherworldly wealth.

Landing 3 Cthulhu Scatters on the reels will activate the bonus adventure of 10 Free Spins. You’ll be embarking on an epic journey where battles for big bucks are at stake. The Cthulhu Hunters are on your side, and they become Sticky Wilds if they win.


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The adventurers must face the wrath of the apocalyptic Cthulhu, and if they can survive the craze, then the chance of unlimited bonus retriggers can fall in your favor. And, if they can’t, then death’s door is only a knock away.

But with a battalion of beast hunters in your corner, and with Cthulhu slot having a medium to high volatility, doom’s day hasn’t approached you just yet and you can rise from the depths as the hero or heroine of this war.


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Gothic glory can be yours to claim!

Cthulhu slot is a world of danger, but also a world of wonder, where wicked wealth can be found in its sinister spins. This fantasy game has a 95.3% RTP and a sea full of features, and creatures.

Take your chance in this hub of horror and keep your head above water, because awakening Cthulhu could either get you tangled up in trouble or name you the beast of the big battle. And we hope it’s the latter!