Is Aladdin’s Chest Slot A Whole New World? Let’s Find Out.

I’m not so sure what NetGame’s hype about Aladdin’s chest is. I don’t recall seeing a third nipple or anything of particular interest in the Disney classic. Well, now that I’ve relooked, he doesn’t appear to have any nipples in the animation… Maybe that’s what the fuss is about.

Who knows with game providers these days? Anyway, enough of my sarcasm – I suppose the “chest” is where the treasure is.

Also, for a game named Aladdin’s Chest slot, you’d expect to see him and his trusty Abu on the reels. But they are nowhere to be seen. And Jasmine looks very different too.

Hey, at least there’s a Genie who can make our wishes come true.

Where’s the “street rat” at?

I highly doubt NetGame got permission to use Aladdin’s name. I guess this is an industry of chance-taking, right?

I just feel if you’re going to put your butt on the line for that, at least use some version of an Aladdin character in the game – even if he has to look a bit like Quasimodo to avoid Disney drama.

The one character I can’t help but love in this slot is the Genie. Unless I’m completely squint, he kinda looks like Will Smith, and I guess that would be appropriate since Smith played him in the live-action film (mixed reviews about the role and all).

Speaking of Smith, this might be the first time you see ‘him’ smile since the whole ‘Ima slap Chris Rock in front of millions of people just before I win my first Oscar to defend my wife’ saga.

Anyway, apart from the no-Aladdin in an Aladdin-themed slot, this is a unique and cool game, and I’ll now get into why that is.


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Arabian Nights and big payouts

Aladdin’s Chest slot is packed with features that I really enjoy. There are Free Spins, a Hold’n Link bonus game, and jackpots to win.

But first, let me introduce Aladdin’s Key. The Key symbol decreases the number of Spheres needed to trigger the Hold’n Link bonus game.

And it’s actually great. Ordinarily, you need to land 6 or so Coin/Sphere symbols to activate a Hold & Win, or in this case, Hold’n Link game.

But the more times the Key lands in the base and Free Spins games, the fewer symbols you’ll need to access the almighty coin-collecting, big-money-making bonus game. Just do not change your bet level; otherwise, the meter will reset to 6.


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You can win €50,000 in this medium volatility slot, and that could be thanks to the high bet limits and jackpots on offer.

There are 4 jackpots to win, which can be done in the Hold’n Link bonus game.

The round will consist of a Treasure Box in the center of a reel, and the values on all triggering Spheres will be added to it. The Treasure Box will then turn into a Sphere of its own and lock into place.

You will then get 3 respins to land lucky symbols, which could be more coin-value Spheres, Treasure Boxes, Multiplier Spheres, or Jackpot Spheres. The Jackpot Spheres are gemstones, and if you land the necessary amount on the reels, then the corresponding jackpot will be awarded to you.

What is also super awesome about the Spheres is that even when they appear in the base game, you will be awarded the cash prize too. I don’t see this often in slots with the same or similar mechanics.


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Is your carpet ready for this ride?

I didn’t go into any detail about the Free Spins, because the very detailed Hold’n Link feature is the hero here. But yeah, you know all about those already if you’re a slot player.

The Genie in this 96.24% RTP game doesn’t come with any special powers, which is also kinda interesting and maybe a wasted opportunity on NetGame’s part.

Well, who cares… Aladdin’s Chest slot can be a total treasure trove if you give it a chance. So, why not do just that at BitStarz?