Explore the Lost City of Wins in New Mistress of Pyramid Slot

Aztec religion was great. They believed in a bunch of gods, each of which represented an important part of life. The god of war, Huitzilopochtli, the god of wisdom Quetzalcoatl, and the god of the night’s sky Tezcatlipoca, to name a few. Oh, and of course, they did the whole human sacrifice thing — no big deal.

Avoid the priest’s knife in Mistress of Pyramid slot from Zillion, and you might just get out of there with a fist full of cash!

Are you sure that’s grammatically correct?

Nope, that’s not a typo. It’s not Mistress of a Pyramid or Mistress of the Pyramid or Mistress of her Pyramid. It’s just Mistress of Pyramid. Despite its grammatical problems, the name is also a little misleading. Sure, the Aztec, Inca, and Mayans did construct pyramids, but it’s the Egyptians who are most often associated with pyramids. All in all, we find the name confusing.


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Luckily, the graphics are significantly more focused. Yes, the slot’s gold border does give a hint of El Dorado, which was Muisca and not Aztec, but we’ll overlook that. The Aztec art that makes up the slot’s symbols is historically accurate, and the Aztec queen is a beauty that you’ll never get tired of seeing appear on the reels.

You’ll want to slow down for this avalanche

No one is really sure what wiped out the Aztecs. Was it colonial brutality, disease, or a natural event like an avalanche? Who knows.

In Mistress of Pyramid slot, avalanches herald bounty beyond your compression instead of destruction and misery. After each win, the symbols involved in the winning combination will spontaneously explode, causing an avalanche of new symbols to fall into the empty spots. If the avalanche continues, your wins will be multiplied by up to 5x.

Avalanches are even more exciting when you unlock free spins. With the appearance of three or more Aztec queen symbols, you’ll unlock a round of ten free spins. Once you’re into the sacred temple, your avalanche wins will be multiplied by up 15x, giving you a shot at HUGE wins!


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Is Mistress of Pyramid slot a powerful realm?

At first glance, Mistress of Pyramid slot appears to be a great addition to a long list of Aztec-themed video slots. It has great graphics and engaging bonus features. But things aren’t as attractive when you look a little closer.

In addition to having medium to high volatility, the slot has an impressively poor RTP rating of just 92.75. The very average €64,000 jackpot is not nearly large enough to overcome that alarming RTP rating.

If you’d like to journey through South American civilizations in slightly more rewarding environments, we recommend giving Aztec Emerald, Inca Gold II, and Mayan Ritual a try.