It’s a Zoo Out There in Born Wild Slot

If you’re looking for adventure in whatever comes your way, then you’re probably ready for something a little wild, maybe even something a little crazy. Or maybe I’ve just been listening to Born to Be Wild on repeat for too long!

So, fire all of your guns at once and explode into space with Born Wild slot from Hacksaw Gaming.

Head out on the highway

It might just be me, but when I launched Born Wild slot, I couldn’t help but think that I had seen the slot before. But it has just been released, so that’s not possible, right? After a little digging, I discovered why it looked so familiar.

Outlaws Inc was released by Hacksaw a few months ago. The slots are different but visually very similar. They both have similar themes, and both feature a monotone background with the reels highlighted by splashes of bright orange. The thing is, Born Wild slot manages to use the same elements but with significantly less creativity.


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The slot offers a very ordinary background and reels that have been shrunk down to fill less area than their blank backdrop. It’s such a strange decision. If the reels covered more of the space, the very dull background wouldn’t be as noticeable. All in all, not my favorite slot visually.

Looking for adventure?

If you’re born to be wild, then you’re probably going to need some spending money for the hospital bills. With that in mind, here are the Born Wild slot bonus features that’ll help you pay for medical insurance.

With the appearance of three or more lion symbols, you will trigger a round of the Lion’s Roar bonus feature. The feature is split into two phases, the first of which resembles a Hold & Win feature requiring you to add at least one extra lion symbol to the reels with each spin. Once you fail to add a symbol, you’ll enter the second phase with all the lion symbols being converted into wild symbols. The reels will then be spun three more times for a chance at big wins.


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To grab the big money, however, you’re going to have to unlock a round of free spins by grabbing three or more bear free spin symbols. Once triggered, you’ll receive ten free spins with any wild that appears on the reels becoming sticky and remaining for the duration of your free spins.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for either bonus feature to be triggered organically, you can select to buy a feature. However, you need to be cognizant of the fact that you may end up spending far more than you win.

Is Born Wild slot awesome or awful?

There’s nothing particularly wrong with Born Wild slot. The graphics are fine, if a little boring, and the bonus features are interesting and somewhat unique. The problem is that it’s just not very exciting. It doesn’t offer a wow factor in terms of graphics or bonus features. A €250,000 max win does help, but with a 2,500x max multiplier, you’ll need to be playing at €100 a spin to take a shot at it.

Low volatility slots like Born Wild slot are traditionally focused on a more casual casino player. They are about consistent small wins, fun graphics, and interesting bonus features. Slots with high volatility and huge max wins can often get away with a boring theme because players are primarily focused on grabbing a big win. Born Wild slot appears to be stuck in the middle with the worst traits of both.

If you’re looking for a few titles from Hacksaw that I actually do recommend, give Hand of Anubis or ITERO a few spins.