$409,693 Mega Win: All Eyes on Gorilla Mayhem Slot!

In a world where the pursuit of wealth often leads us down the path of stocks, real estate, and (let’s be honest) the occasional lottery ticket, one pioneering player has found El Dorado, pocketing a huge $409,693 at BitStarz!

And the source of this fast fortune? A game about gorillas.

Yes, you read that right. While some of us are figuring out how to make ramen romantic, this player took a swing in the jungle, and hit the big time.

With that kind of cash, I know what I’d do – and it doesn’t involve investing in a collection of novelty tea cozies. We’re talking about a whole life upgrade here!

All eyes on Gorilla Mayhem

Gorilla Mayhem slot is the game responsible for this mad payout, and it could be the very place where money grows on trees for us all to shove in our pockets.

It’s a proper hit. Although, I’m not so sure the zoologists and biologists here would agree. Why? Because it seems Pragmatic Play hasn’t a clue where gorillas come from.

They sent gorillas on an arc of their own, to South America, to live with macaws and jaguars. Oh no, wait. Sorry, they also shipped Africa’s hippos and crocs with them to the Amazon.

Guess we all want a piece of home when we move away. Not sure a hippo is the first thing I’d grab though.


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Despite the early brain workout, Gorilla Mayhem slot is a game executed to perfection. From the graphics, the soundtrack, and the features – this game’s pure gold!

It’s so good that they give us not one, not two, but a three-headed gorilla to play with. While there’s nothing revolutionary about the features of this 96.5% RTP slot, they work. Clearly.

You’ll get the usual Wild suspects, up to 20 Free Games, and cool Multipliers to help flip your spins. The Golden Gorillas are key to the money tree, and thankfully everyone’s pretty friendly around here so you can venture in this fortune jungle for as long as you’d like.

But remember, Gorilla Mayhem slot has high volatility, which means that when you win, you can win big. Take it from our player right here!


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Gonna go ape for this game?

If you’ve been looking for something new to try out, which has proven to pay out, then give Gorilla Mayhem slot a go.

It honestly goes to show that you can play anything at BitStarz and stand the chance to cashout a big winner. I mean, $409,693 on a game about gorillas. Gotta love it!

But seriously, all the games you play here are top notch. Like, who knows what could happen if you play a game about Goldendoodles? I reckon the same thing 😉

Dream big. Win bigger.