Be the Man of the Match in Penalty Series Instant Win Game!

Football fans, start 2022 aiming, shooting, and scoring for big wins worth up to €180,000 in the new Penalty Series instant win game. Penalty shoot-outs are always nail-biting experiences whether you’re on the field or sitting at the telly rooting for your team. 

This hot football game is the best of both worlds where you’ll be kicking-off for cash and the championship trophy. The goalie is on his game, players, so prepare yourself for the challenge and come out the man of the match.  

Don’t worry if you’ve overdone the holiday feasting, if you’re out of shape and your skills are a little crusty – this goal-scoring game is all about luck. 

Take your position on the pitch

Penalty Series instant win game is an interactive betting game that joins Evoplay’s football selection, complete with FIFA-esque graphics and all-round sporting excitement. 

In this game of goals, you’ll need to predict the side at which the opponent will shoot for his goal in order to reap the rewards and walk out a winner. You can do this by selecting one of the possible kick zones, left of the goalie, right of the goalie, or above him. If you win, you’ll be awarded a multiplier win. 


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Pick the country you’re playing for

But before the penalty kick action begins, you must choose the country you’re playing for and a bet to go with it – and make the right moves to make them proud. There are over 40 countries to choose from, and if yours isn’t on the list, then go for the country where your favorite team is located, or where your all-star player is from. Either way, you can’t go wrong.  


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Win big with a Side Bet 

Side Bets are optional, and they’re there to take your match to another level of greatness. 

These bets are separate to the main bets in Penalty Series instant win game, giving you the chance to wager on several positions. You can choose to bet on either Attack or Defence as well as Goal Misses and Goal Saves.

Side Bets offer you multiple ways to win in a round, as opposed to one way with a main-game bet.  


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Shoot. Score. Win! 

Penalty Series instant win game brings the thrill of the game to your screen, and puts the power of play in your hands. All you need to do is channel your inner football superstar and think like them when it comes to the ultimate penalty shoot-out. 

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With an RTP of 96%, and a low volatility, this betting game can put favor in your corner. So, take to the field and fire out those goals for the win with the new Penalty Series instant win game!