It’s All About the Mob Mentality in Catch & Snatch Slot!

It all comes down to mob mentality with the new Catch & Snatch slot. If you’re part of this Cosa Nostra, then you best not be a snitch. Do you know why? Because snitches get stitches – and stitches ain’t gonna do jack after a wiseguy whack.  

The mafia plays no games, except maybe Russian Roulette, for fun. This gang of criminals is notorious for illegal and murderous undertakings… And here we thought running a red light was a sin. 

There is a hefty €200,000 waiting to be snatched. But first, you’re gonna have to enter the Big Boss’ lair. Will he welcome you into the family, or will you be the next on his hit list?   

Let the fearmongering begin

Bada bing, bada boom. When the city sleeps, mafia mayhem begins in this Belatra game. And, don’t think for a second that business isn’t booming in the back room of the classy club run by the head honcho – the devious Don. 

This is your taste at unlimited power, privilege, and heavy protection. Admit it. You want to delve into this dark and dangerous world, just for a little look-see. Well, here you have it. 

The Big Boss, crooked to the core, is both the Wild and the Scatter, and accompanying him on the reels are the people all powerful players need by their side. There is the Tough Guy, ready to shoot. The busty Waitress, serving the Boss’ every need… (emphasis on EVERY NEED). And, the Lady who’s packing heat and dressed to the nines.  

Of course, we also have Pistols, Cash, Cadillacs, and the Card Deck Royals on the reels. This is a mafia slot! What’s the mafia without moolah and machines?


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The free spins are a shakedown for wins

Puff on your cigar and get comfortable, because this elite Bonus Game is about as simple as a negotiation with the mob is.   

The Free Spins feature is the only feature in this high stakes, high volatility slot – but it does not disappoint, and it’s the only thing we’re ratting about. Else we might get clipped. 

Locking and loading 3 full Big Boss Scatters on the reels will trigger a round of 6 free games. But beware, he only makes an appearance on reels 1, 3 and 5. Get him, and multiplier menacing will be yours on this chase for lethal loot. 


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The Free Games feature is a grid of locked vaults, with multipliers taking position above all the reels. The symbols that drop during these spins will increase the multiplier of the reel they land on. 

The Bronze Ingot awards a 1x multiplier, the Silver Ingot awards a 2x multiplier, and the Gold Ingot awards a 3x multiplier… So go for gold, baby! 

Each of our key mobsters can also influence the Free Games, each with their own individual skill set. A visit from the Waitress will boost the multiplier from 10 to 30 on all the reels. The lovely Lady will take her multiplier from 2 to 6. The Tough Guy does the same as the Lady, but this time on all the reels. The Boss, well, he awards extra Free Games and reloads the pistol with bullets to give you another shot at aiming for massive wins. 


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This is the only time you should mess with the mafia! 

Apart from the whole of Interpol after you, it’s pretty boss being a mobster, especially being the godfather. Lavish ladies, whiskeys on ice, briefcases of cash, and vaults filled with gold – what more could you ask for? 

In this 96.12% RTP slot, the mafia may be nice, or they may be completely narcissistic… We guess it depends what kinda day the Don is having. 

See if you’re fit for this fierce family in Catch & Snatch slot at BitStarz!