It’s Time to Find out Once and for All – Who Is Jack Pot?

The legendary Jack Pot is sort of a mythical person in this industry in terms of nobody really knowing who he is. We never get to hear about his background or know anything about him other than the fact that he sometimes throws a whole bunch of money at someone when they hit a certain winning combo on the reels. We thought we should do a little digging around and see what we can come up with and if we can get a better grip of this Jack.

We can’t guarantee we’ll find the truth but at least we can get a few different clues or scenarios that may at some point in time lead to the finding of the real Jack Pot!

Jack on Hold – Wazdan

Is Jack a badass gunslinger from the West perhaps? It wouldn’t surprise us so why not give Jack on Hold slot a shot (no pun intended) and see for yourself. You may not need to use your sharp spurs to spin these reels but you can use a lot of room in your saddlebags as the max coin win in this western town is a sharpshooter worthy 500,000! Do you have what it takes to take on the sheriff and the other bandits?


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Demon Jack 27 – Wazdan

It goes against anything we believe in to think Jack would be the devil himself considering his generosity but let’s give him a chance in the Demon Jack 27 slot. This slot may as well be called “Welcome to Hell” because that’s the vibe you get. Pentagrams, snakes, tridents and lots of fire is what you will be looking at. Some people say hell is where all the fun people go, so if that’s the case then this should be a great time!


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Jack Hammer – NetEnt

Jack as a fedora wearing comic book hero? Why not! Let’s put him to the test in the Jack Hammer slot and see what happens. The iconic comic book genre is often brought back in many different media due to its popularity and whether you prefer to collect bombs in exchange for free spins or if sticky wins is more your style you can find it all here!


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Jack’s Ride – Wazdan

There are some crazy rumors about Jack being a playboy spending his time cruising down Route 66 looking for love. We don’t know what to believe to be honest but if the gamble option in Jack’s Ride slot is any indication of the truth then it may just be the case. Driving a Cadillac convertible coast to coast and picking up the max coin win of 120,000 along the way doesn’t sound like an all too bad way to spend your time so perhaps he’s onto something.


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Jack in a Pot – Red Tiger

Could Jack be from Ireland? Here’s another great slot focused on the Irish luck and with a 7×7 reel setup you will have a fantastic time spinning the reels of the Jack in a Pot slot. By using cluster payouts you can win over and over again and with a handful of helpers on the way such as Beer Reels, Magic Pipe, Rainbow Swaps and free spins, you will find out that luck is not limited to the Irish!


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Time to Process the Information

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