Look into the Crystal Ball of Wins in Zaida’s Fortune slot

There are all manner of ways to tell your fortune. There are tea leaves and palm readings and, of course, tarot cards. But there’s nothing quite like a giant crystal ball for teasing out the details of someone’s path forward. And let’s be honest, we all want to know one of two things. Will I find love, and will I be rich?

We can’t help you with the love part but visit Zaida’s Fortune slot from Red Tiger, and we might just be able to see riches in your future!

Are you ready for your reading?

When magic is your theme, you really do need to make the experience magical. Well, you don’t need to, but it sure helps to sell your magic-themed slot. Red Tiger’s Zaida’s Fortune slot is a masterclass in this theory. The slot is stunning and absolutely magical.


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From the reels to the symbols and the magic hands that move around the reels to summon bonus features, it’s all just so well done. Every spin is an adventure that I couldn’t wait to experience.

The designers at Red Tiger really thought of everything. The reels even have a fish-eye appearance giving the impression that they really are spinning inside a crystal ball. It’s astonishingly well done!

Pick a card, any card

Being a master of the mystic arts comes with all manner of exciting powers, and Zaida has them all! During the base game, she’ll decide to activate any of three exciting bonus features on any random spin of the reels. If she deems you worthy, you’re in for some big wins.

  • Remove Symbols – For five consecutive spins, the 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols will be removed from the reels one at a time. This gives you a chance to spin with only the highest-paying symbols on the reels.
  • Wild Abundance – Up to two sticking wilds will be added to the reels on each spin for five consecutive spins.
  • Multiplication – A random multiplier will be added to the Rising Multiplier total for each spin for five consecutive spins, with the current multiplier being applied to any winnings on any given spin.

This is an absolutely magical base game. However, that’s only the start. With the appearance of three scatter symbols, you’ll unlock a round of five Fortune Spins, which is when things start to get really interesting.


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After the feature is triggered, you’ll get a chance to pick one of three cards, each representing one of the three base game bonus features. Once you have played through the five spins with the bonus feature activated, you’ll get a chance to pick another card. If you pick the same card, your Fortune Spins will end. However, if you pick a new card, both the original and new bonus features will be activated at the same time for five bonus spins. Once those spins are completed, you’ll get a chance to activate all three bonus features at once for another five bonus spins!

If all this wasn’t enough, the slot also has a jackpot feature that is unlocked with three jackpot symbols giving you a chance at a big win.

Is Zaida’s Fortune slot magic or meh?

It’s my favorite slot of the year! That’s just all you need to know about Zaida’s Fortune slot. It has everything that I’m looking for in a slot. It has fantastic graphics with some unique animations that really elevate it above just about anything else out there and some unique bonus features I’ve seen for years. It really is the whole magical package, and I am bewitched!

Now, it should be noted that the slot does carry a disappointing 95.74% RTP and high volatility, but that really doesn’t matter. I am happy to put this one on free play and just enjoy how great the slot is.

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