Joe Exotic Is Back and Carole Baskin Must Be Shakin’ in Her Boots

When your goal in life is to become rich and famous, being sentenced to a 22 year prison term is normally the final nail in the coffin. However, if you are the self-proclaimed king of all toothless hillbillies west of the Appalachian Mountains and the biggest star on Netflix during 2020, serving time is apparently nothing but a hiccup.

Trump neglected to pardon him but the peroxide blonde playboy is seemingly still pulling the strings from inside a cell while his mullet shines brighter than ever in the explosive Joe Exotic slot. Oh, how the world has been waiting, Red Tiger Gaming!

Unleash captivating features such as the Exotic Spins, Tiger Bounty and an Election Time pick and click bonus game, while you ride the Tiger King wave all the way to the bank.

Ready or not, here he comes!

The Legend Continues

From tiger cages to prison yards to 5 reels and 20 paylines, the legend continues. Still one of the most outlandish characters the world has ever seen, Joseph Maldonado himself is putting it all on the line in another attempt to reclaim his fame.

The nostalgia is real as the gold studded reels are filled with his fellow castmates such as Jeff Lowe and James Garretson plus the mandatory guns of course. It feels like a Tiger King souvenir shop but wait until you lay eyes on the wild symbol. Wow!


Play Now

A €205,880 max win may or may not be enough to bribe the warden to let Joe back out on the street but it will be a start. Pairing the €50 bet with a 4,117.6x multiplier is the trick to do so and with the 93.79% RTP and high volatility, you will be locking up wins like they were tigers at his infamous zoo.

It’s About to Explode

There’s nothing random about Joe Exotic but in the game, the Dynamite feature will be randomly activated. When it’s time, the reels will explode and all lower value symbols will be gone. A new cascade of higher value symbols will fill the spots and hopefully get you a nice win!

Go Get the Tiger Bounty

Allen Glover’s recognizable face will appear when you trigger the Tiger Bounty feature by landing the symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5. You will get a cash offer from Joe so make sure you get the best one!

Don’t Forget to Vote

If you could run for President from inside a prison, we could be watching Joe run the White House by now. Scary thought! When you land 3 Vote Joe scatters, it’s time for election. Take your pick from the badges and when you have found 3 of the same candidate, you will get the money contribution associated with the candidate. Joe will get you a 150x payout!

How to Get Exotic Spins

It will take 3 or more scatters to trigger the exotic spins and set you up with 9 of them. The mullet king will take a seat on his magical middle reel throne, to be in the center of attention as per usual. Every time you land a winning combo, your multiplier will increase with +1 so the higher you can go, the bigger the wins will be. Cha-ching!

Play Now

If you can score another pair of scatters, you will be able to stock up on another 5 free spins.

Release the Man

Everything he touches does not turn into gold. However, being the ultimate risk taker, Joe Exotic is more than used to them backfiring in the worst of ways but in terms of the Joe Exotic slot, it is really good!

Putting himself back in the spotlight is a smart move and by paying out big wins, players might even rally for his immediate release. We can hardly believe Joe is back on our screens!