The wins grow faster than the reels in Towering Pays Valhalla slot!

Viking-themed slots have become a real craze of late, and we’re loving it! And don’t you dare for a second think they’re getting old and bland and that they’re all the same because Towering Pays Valhalla slot is unlike any other game.

We’re not going to blabber on about why. We’re simply going to show you. So hold on to your horned helmet and steady your ale, because we’re about to Viking it up on a much bigger scale!

The Golden Tower reveals the score

This unusual slot from Yggdrasil Gaming has 5 reels and 3 rows, and 4 rows, and 5 rows, and it goes on, and on until you’re playing on a 5-reel, 8-row grid with 40 symbols on the screen singing sweet songs of riches. Why? Because the reels can expand 5 times while you’re playing, revealing extra symbols and more paylines each time they do.


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Low-paying symbols include the four card suits with Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades, all with a little touch of Norse design. High-paying symbols are 6 Viking-related mythical characters, with a dragon, 2 crows, a horse, a ram, a wolf, and a classic depiction of a Viking warrior.

The Horns of Odin take the role of the Wild and will substitute for all others except the Tower symbols, which are the lengthy golden pillars engraved with the faces of the gods. When these land on the reels, they will slide away to reveal random symbols of the same sort to aid your payout, and with a 95.75% RTP rating for this slot, these Towers will take every opportunity to reveal the riches.

Expand the reels and maximize your wins

You’ll start off on a 5 x 3 reel grid with 15 paylines and progress to the next level by landing a full Golden Tower symbol on 1 of the first 3 reels. A small portion of a Golden Tower symbol must be visible on each of the first 3 reels, with 1 of them showing a full Tower to trigger the expansion, just like the image below.


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Each time you manage to land the Tower symbols in the right positions the reels will add 1 row and 10 paylines to the grid, creating more possible ways to win. And don’t worry, your bet stays at the same value. The grid can expand up to 5 times, resulting in a 5 x 8 reel grid with 65 paylines. Cha-cha-cha… wait for it… CHA-CHING!

Accept a gift from the gods – but only if you want it!

Once you’ve unlocked all 5 reel levels and you’re playing on the 5 x 8 grid, you’ll have the opportunity to trigger the free games bonus by landing a full Tower symbol the same way as when unlocking a new reel grid. You will then be offered the first of 4 bonuses, starting with the Valkyrie Free Spins bonus.


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You have the option to refuse the bonus if you wish to continue playing for a chance to be offered a better bonus. But you’ll have to start on the first 5 x 3 reel grid and play your way through to the 5 x 8 reel grid again to be offered the next bonus in the series, the Loki Free Spins bonus.

An offer you can’t refuse

Each free spins bonus will award 7 free spins, starting on the small 5 x 3 reel grid, and expanding the same way they do in the main game. Refuse the first 3 bonuses and you’ll be offered the Odin Free Spins bonus right at the end, and lucky for you, this is an offer you can’t refuse – even if you wanted to!

  • Valkyrie Free Spins – Here you have a chance to grab a multiplier on any payout during the free spins bonus, but it’s not a guarantee. 1 Extra free spin will be awarded when a full tower appears on one of the first 3 reels only, which also expands the reels to the next grid level.
  • Loki Free Spins – You are GUARANTEED to receive a multiplier on any random win during free spins. 1 Extra free spin is awarded when a full tower appears on either reel 1, 2, or 3, which also expands the reels after payouts are awarded.


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  • Thor Free Spins – Once again, a multiplier can randomly be applied to any random win during free spins, but it’s not guaranteed. However, towering symbols can appear on reel 4 as well, giving you an extra opportunity to expand the reels and collect additional free spins.
  • Odin Free Spins – This free spins bonus works the same as Thor Free Spins, however, the Tower symbols can appear on all the reels when you’re playing on the 5 x 8 reel grid. This means you could be covering the entire screen with identical symbols for MEGA WINS like the one above, and they might even multiply too!

Expand the reels to claim your fortune today!

You have so many opportunities to strike it rich in this incredible slot, and the medium volatility sets a level playing ground and won’t stand in your way of achieving greatness. If you want 1 of those MEGA WINS for yourself, then we suggest you stick out to play with Odin in the final bonus round, it’s always worth it. Head for Towering Pays Valhalla slot to expand the mighty reels and unleash the treasures of the gods!