Middle Management Is Where It’s At in Nine to Five Slot!

It’s almost impossible to load up the new Nine to Five slot and not think about Dolly Parton, or Beavis and Butt-Head, for that matter. Remember them? One is an almost 80-year-old inflatable balloon, and the other are, well they don’t need an introduction.

This Nolimit City game will have you workin’ “9 to 5”, climbing the corporate ladder for up to $368,680, with a bunch of eccentric colleagues – set in the roaring 90s when fax machines were in their prime.

It’s giving satire. It’s giving lowbrow humor. It’s giving techno. It’s giving me life! As usual, NLC continues raising the bar with each new release. Respect.

Join the Rat Race

No, really. That’s the name of the company; Ratrace Inc. If smart little details impress you, then you’re in for a time with Nine to Five slot, because it is exceptional in its detail, theme, soundtrack, and graphics.

Oh, and the player experience is cool too, especially if you’re an NLC fan. Like all their stuff, it’s a little complicated to wrap your head around.

But hey, with Extreme Volatility, it’s not for newbies anyway. Unless of course, said newbie has balls of steel. Gotta have those to survive the daily desk grind.


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Keen on a promotion?

Get it in the Middle Management and Ivory Tower Spins – because this is where things start heating up. Like a typical boss-assistant affair. Minus the gorgeous blonde. There is a blonde, but she’s no beauty. Unless carrot is your flavor.

Collecting multipliers is the to-do here, and you’ll have sweet NLC modifiers in play to help you do just that! There’s Tech Layoff, Ctrl-Alt-Del, Lawsuit, and Overtime bonus symbols waiting to be clocked.


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Milk it in God Mode

Nolimit’s newest drop is packing serious heat with its God Mode Bonus buy! Here, you can score a maximum win of almost 10,000x your bet.

You’ll need to chase the Mega Symbol. And don’t worry when you get in, there’s nothing wrong with our server. It’s the game! Gotta love the dedication.

God Mode is high-risk, high-reward, but if you behave yourself at the always messy office Christmas party, then who knows?

Maybe you’re deserving of becoming the CEO! This feature is insane – as are NLC’s other signature features, like xWays, xNudge, and xBet – which are all here too, by the way!


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Looking for new recruits!

Nine to Five slot is pretty much a blockbuster. It even has its own original songs! Please listen to the lyrics in Middle Management, they’re great. I could Spotify this techno session all day!

I’m grateful I’m out of the corporate haze. Now I write stories for you guys, all day long. I love what I do, and you can too, if you give this banging 96.03% RTP slot a spin!

Not only will it have you appreciating your 9 to 5 life, but it can also make you one rich mutha!