Jon Heywood: The Man Who Won $19 Million on a Slot Machine

We’re all familiar with the head-turning sound of someone emptying a slot machine after a big win. Landing a huge payday on a laptop or a mobile isn’t as satisfying in that regard, but given that the scale of the wins available with online casinos is vastly higher, the victories can be satisfying in a very different way. Just ask Jon Heywood, the man who bagged more than €17 million ($19 million) just 25 minutes after opening on an online casino account. His amazing story shows that incredible fortune can happen to anyone anywhere at any time.

Mega Moolah Millionnaire

In October 2015, Jon Heywood was a 25-year old British soldier recently back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, working a minimum-wage job to pay the bills. He was watching television at home and fancied trying to win some money, so he signed up for an online casino. Jon deposited £30 and began spinning, betting conservatively and not going over £0.25 ($0.38) per spin. Jon’s strategy, such as it was, was to bet on slot machines that offered progressive jackpots, landing on Mega Moolah, the slot known for its millionaire-maker capability. The reason? Because it had the “biggest icon”!

Jon’s World Record Win

Jon began spinning, giving most of his attention to the World War II tank documentary he was watching. After spinning for several minutes, he realized he had accessed a bonus level and saw “a big wheel spinning”. It landed on the jackpot and Jon realized he had won, believing the prize to be in the region of £10,000 ($15,000). But no, an astonishing eight-figure number flashed up on the screen – Jon had just won $19 million, and all from a mere $0.38 spin.


Army Training Kicks In

After a sleepless night, Jon did what all jackpot winners should do and didn’t act rashly, perhaps well served by his army training. Despite having just landed a then-Guiness world record slot payout, he kept his head down and went to work as normal, telling only his boss and waiting for confirmation from the casino before considering his next steps. Confirmation came and he started setting about prioritizing his winnings, primarily arranging private medical care for his seriously ill father. After quitting his job and taking some time off Jon moved into the home renovation business, still keen to get his hands dirty, despite being a multi-millionaire, actively renovating homes for resale.

Could You be the Next Jon Heywood?

Jon Heywood is a great example of not only what can happen with one lucky spin at an online casino, but also how to handle a huge windfall. Mega Moolah has made more millionaires since Jon, and it will continue to make more as the years pass. To see if you can emulate Jon’s win, try your luck with Mega Moolah at BitStarz today!