Land Conquering Wins in New Legion X Slot

The Roman legions were the most efficient fighting force of their time. Instead of technology or manpower, the Romans relied on organization and really big shields. This seemingly dull combination of tools allowed them to rule from modern-day Scotland in the North to Egypt in the South and Iran in the west.

Join the ranks of the Roman legions in Legion X slot from Nolimit City. You won’t get a big shield, but you will get a chance to take a shot at the €310,000 jackpot.

Is this the history channel or a casino?

Most slots that are based on historical events, people, or organizations frequently play fast and loose with the facts. The team at Nolimit City appears to have bucked that trend with Legion X slot.

The slot’s name refers to the 10th legion of the Roman Empire, a legion that was created by Ceaser himself and was consistently his most trusted. The three special free spins features are all named after specific 10th legions: Equestris, Fretensis, and Gemina. The imagery is also very accurate and well researched.


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Now, most won’t notice, and even if they do, they’ll likely not care. But it shows attention to detail that hopefully bodes well for the rest of this campaign.

We attack at dawn

As you prepare for the battle to come, the base game will give you several ways to win big. Any stacked wild that appears on the reels will be nudged into view until it’s up to four rows high. With each row it’s nudged, the stacked wild will get a multiplier bump.

The battle will commence, however, with the appearance of three bonus symbols on the middle three reels triggering eight free spins. The battlefield will grow by a single row to ensure there is space to attack their flanks. However, if you’re looking for big wins, you’ll need to bring out the big guns.


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In addition to a standard round, Legion X also offers three special free spins rounds.

  • Equestris – Triggered with the appearance of three bonus symbols in the middle three reels and two xWays symbols, Equestris free spins unlock a pair of sticky xWays symbols that remain fixed in place. This guarantees infectious xWays with each spin.
  • Fretensis – Triggered with the appearance of three bonus symbols in the middle three reels, and two infectious wild symbols, Fretensis free spins unlock a pair of sticky infectious wild symbols. These symbols will remain fixed in place turning all low-value symbols into wilds.
  • Gemina – Triggered with the appearance of three bonus symbols in the middle three reels, one xWays symbol, and one infectious wild symbol, Gemina free spins unlock one sticky infectious wild and one sticky xWays symbol.

The special rounds of free spins are going to be difficult to unlock without a fight, though. As a result, Legion X slot also offers a buy feature button. Although this does allow you to unlock free spins the easy way, you’ll need to balance the cost with the potential to win.

Has Legion X slot conquered or collapsed?

Legion X slot came, saw, and conquered. Put simply, the slot’s great. The graphics are amazing, the historical accuracy is fantastic, and the selection of bonus features is extensive. The slot even offers a decent 96.04% RTP rating.

It is, however, not an entirely victorious battle. The slot is, unfortunately, hamstrung with extreme volatility. Yes, you’ll get a shot at the €310,000 jackpot, but you’ll be waiting longer than you’d like between wins.

If you’re not done with the life of a legionnaire, give Rome: Rise of an Empire, Marching Legions, and Rome Caesar’s Glory a spin.