Cast Winning Spells in Merlin’s Grimoire Slot

This year alone, we’ve released several Merlin-themed slots, including Book of Merlin, Merlins Tower, and Merlins Revenge Megaways. So, naturally, we thought, why not one more because you can never have enough Merlin-themed slot games, right?

What are you waiting for? Try out Merlin’s Grimoire slot from Play’N Go and watch the old man explore some old buildings as he does some magic and stuff. Oh, and there’s also a €240,000 max win if that helps.

Where has all the magic gone?

When the slot is based on one of the most famous mythological magicians of all time, the bonus features have to be at least a little magical. So, does Merlin’s Grimoire slot have magical bonus features?


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In the base game, you’ll see that above reels two, three, and four, there are blue runes. During any spin, one to three of the ruins will power up, splitting all symbols below it in two and increasing the number of ways to win. The only other base game bonus feature the slot offers is a wild symbol that will substitute for all other symbols to complete winning combinations. The wild will also trigger ten free spins with the appearance of three or more of the symbols on the reels. Split wild symbols will only count as one symbol towards unlocking free spins, though.

Once your round of free spins is triggered, Merlin will gain access to the temple, and your round will begin. Unlike the base game, the blue ruins can now activate symbol splitting on all five reels with a max 7,776 ways to win if you get symbol splitting activated on all five reels.


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And that’s about it. In this timeline, Merlin is more of a one-trick pony than an all-powerful master of the dark arts.

Is Merlin’s Grimoire slot magical or meh?

Can we all agree that we’re putting a five-year ban on having Merlin in the title of a slot game? Surely, we’ve got enough to last us that long. There are a bunch of other mythological magic men out there to base slots on, so let’s give this old man a few years to rest.

Back to Merlin’s Grimoire slot. It’s meh. The graphics are fantastic, but the gameplay is dull. This is helped a little by the surprisingly high 30,000x max multiplier, but the high volatility is another kick in the nether regions.

If you’re just as tired as I am with Merlin-themed slots, give Magic Maid and the Magic Orb slots a try. Both slots feature magic-based themes that are far more compelling than just another slot leaning on the Merlin mythology. Magic Orb has some stunning graphics and interesting game mechanics that you may not have seen before. And Magic Maid is something fun and a little different.