Love Free Spins? Start Getting the Most Out of Them!

Here at BitStarz, we love free spins more than anything in the world – and we hope you’re the same. These magical spins cost absolutely nothing and can be the difference between you walking away with €100 and €1 million, so using them properly is key to you winning a ton of cash.

Today, we’re going to walk you through the ins and outs of how to make the most of your free spins, allowing you to take your wins to the next level. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Bigger Stakes Means Bigger Wins

Ok, this might be the most obvious bit of advice anyone has ever given, but it’s so incredibly true. Free spins are played at your current bet value – when won in-game – so this means if you’re playing at a higher bet level, you will be able to win more money from your free spins. So, if you get a good feeling that free spins are just around the corner, crank up that bet value so you can play free spins at a higher bet value and win more cash. Unfortunately, for free sins obtained as part of a bonus, they’re usually tied to a bet level, leaving you no choice.

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Bigger Risks Aren’t Always Best

When you trigger free spins mode in certain games, you will be presented with a choice as to which bonus or mode you would like to play. Now, these tend to have three different levels, with one having more spins but less multipliers, one with huge multipliers but few spins and one that’s a combination of the two. More spins give you more chances of winning, but the smaller multipliers can hamper the win amount. On the other hand, with less spins you have less chances to win, but when you do win it could be a huge sum of cash. We find it’s best to take the safe route and go with more spins. More spins mean more chances to win – a no brainer if you ask us!

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Pick Games Carefully Based on free Spins

Not all games off free spins, and while these games tend to be few and far between, they do exist. So, before you go gung ho on the reels trying to win free spins, have a flick through the review underneath the game to see what features the game has. If it doesn’t have free spins, then you might want to look at trying a different game – especially if you’re after free spins mode specifically. Then, you need to bear in mind which games let you retrigger free spins and carry on going for longer. Obviously, the more spins you get the better, so if you can get more free spins inside free spins mode, it’s a wonderful perk. Again, not all games allow for this, so do check the review carefully.

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Now you know how to get the most out of your free spins, how about hitting the reels and scooping up some pretty huge wins. Free spins mode is the difference between a regular win and a massive win, so do heed our advice when it comes to these special spins. Good luck out there on the reels, we’re rooting for you!