Turn the tides with tips and tricks to make it BIG at BitStarz!

Hi there ladies and gents! Welcome back to another fun-filled episode of tips and tricks to make it big with BitStarz. We have decided to lend a helping hand and teach you some of the tricks we use when playing slots and tables. Now, remember nobody can guarantee a win. But there are a few techniques you can use as a player to make the best of your gambling experience.

We know there are various kinds of players who expect different things from an online casino. Some play casino games as a form of entertainment and don’t mind all that much about winning big. Others are after some big wins and payouts for the thrill behind wagering bets and receiving rewards.

Here at BitStarz, we believe in combining these two types of gambling into one epic gaming experience – let’s have a look at how this can be achieved.

Here’s where to go if you’re after big wins

Okay, so you want to sink your fingers into piles of cash. We say go for it! It always helps to play the games you enjoy so keep this in mind. If you’re chasing jackpots and big wins, it might take some time due to the high volatility found in most high paying games. So you might as well be enjoying your game instead of torturing yourself with a slot you don’t personally enjoy.

Everyone has their own style and theme choice when it comes to picking a slot, so find yours! Another aspect to consider when picking a slot game is the volatility rating. Slots with lower volatility tend to pay frequently but in smaller amounts.


High volatility slots can see you winning huge payouts but in most cases, you’ll have to invest more credits and time to achieve these big wins. But if you want to strike it rich with a jackpot or two, these will probably be your best bet.

At BitStarz we have a vast variety of Slots and Table Games with big payouts. When looking at the game menu bar in the BitStarz lobby. Have a look at the Jackpot Game Selection and find something exciting that attracts your attention with a big payout located on the top left corner of the game’s cover image.

Some BitStarz games with BIG payouts

One incredible game with a massive jackpot of €1,000,000 is The Bomb slot. If this life-changing payout won’t do the trick, then try out Haunted Circus slot for some spooky thrills. Here, you can find a €2,500,000 jackpot waiting for the taking.


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One of our favorites and a new addition to our amazing game selection at BitStarz is Forest Fortune slot. Buy your own, personal magical forest with the €3,000,000 jackpot if you please. And get ready for this one. My Lucky Number slot has an unbelievable €25,000,000 jackpot up for grabs – don’t say we never told you about this one!

What about table games?

The big money doesn’t only lie with slot games. We have a large variety of Table Games to choose from. Here, you can apply some strategic methods to increase your chances of winning big. Roulette games in general can see you winning big with few bets on the table if you’re lucky. But keep it steady and place just enough bets to keep your chances of winning reasonable.


Blackjack, for example, has better winning odds in the player’s favor than other traditional casino games. Our Live Casino has many options to choose from with some of the friendliest and most interactive dealers in the industry. If you’ve never played Table Games, we have a few available in demo mode so be sure to get your practice in and start exploring new avenues in casino gaming.

Make it BIG with slots!

If you’re after some big payouts and massive wins, here are some tips to get you on the road to riches:

Play higher denomination slots and try to play the max bet as much as possible if your bankroll permits. The bigger the bet, the higher the payouts. Most slot games will only see the max win pay if you’re playing the maximum bet.

You won’t always need to play a slot packed with features and bonus games. Sometimes less is more. You could expect some big payouts from very simple games as well, without all the bells and whistles to distract you from your goal.


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It would also do you well to take a quick look at the paytable before playing. Look at the payout odds for high-paying symbols and some of the bonus features to determine if the game will suit your needs. At BitStarz, most of our slots are available for play in demo mode. It would help to try the game out before playing in some cases.

Consider the volatility rating and RTP percentage when picking a slot

The conclusion? Do some research! Find what interests you. Navigate your way through the BitStarz platform and discover the hidden gems among all the incredible games on offer.

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As you can see, there are LOADS of ways to make it BIG at BitStarz. Get to it! You have some winning to do!