Planning a Trip to a Casino? These Tips Will Help You Out!

As fun as online casinos are, we know that now and again it’s nice to mix it up and head down to your local land-based casino and revel in that casino action. Just as we give you awesome tips to keep you ahead of the game in the online casino world, we’ve also got a wealth of knowledge that you can use to help you beat the pit bosses and walk out of the casino with a big smile on your face.

Try and Find a Clumsy Dealer

Before you sit down and commit to a few stakes, watch the table and try to find a clumsy dealer. These dealers will frequently move the cards around the table in such a way that you can catch a glimpse of the face down cards, giving you a rather nice advantage. With this newfound knowledge, you can raise in poker with more confidence and stand on that 17 in blackjack knowing the dealer is going to go bust. This isn’t cheating, and although you might get chucked out of the casino for exploiting it, you certainly won’t get arrested.

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Roulette Wheels Do Get Old

Unlike the live roulette wheels here at BitStarz, land-based casinos often don’t have time to take a roulette wheel out of action in order to perform maintenance, especially at smaller casinos or very popular casinos. This then leads to the wheel becoming unbalanced and the frets separating, creating larger pockets for the ball to fall into. In fact, that’s exactly what Joseph Jagger did back in 1873 at the Monte Carlo casino, taking home $400,000. While many casinos around the world have taken measures to prevent this from becoming an issue, it still happens from time to time, so keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear.

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Avoid Tables and Games with Bright Lights of Flashy Dancers

Just like insects, as humans we’re drawn to bright flashing lights and casinos are hoping you have that same instinct. The games with the biggest flashing lights and fancy designs are often the ones with the worst odds, so head over to the dull section of the casino to enjoy games with slightly better odds. Similarly, casinos have recently started adding in pole dancers and bikini-clad dealers to try and distract you. Similarly to the games with flashing lights, these tables often have reduced payouts from 3/2 down to 6/5 – this more than doubles the house edge. It might not be as fun playing with a boring dealer dressed in a suit, but your money will certainly go further.

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A similar principle applies to online casino games – to a certain extent. Mega Moolah is one of the highest paying jackpot slots ever created, but it lacks fancy features, crisp graphics and a number of other bells and whistles that can be found. It has made more millionaires than any other slot, so take that into consideration when picking games to play.

So, next time you’re taking a trip in to town, keep these tips in mind and you stand a good chance of walking away with some cash in your pocket. Alternatively, you could stick to playing your favorite games from your mobile device right here at BitStarz – after all, we have more than 2,200 games ready to play on your mobile device!