Meet the 5 Worst Blackjack Strategies the World has Ever Seen!

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games of all times and it’s even been the subject of a number of Hollywood movies. But, these movies have made people all around the world think that they’re blackjack pros and know what they’re doing. To try and get better, people research blackjack strategies, and while some are good, most are absolute tosh.

So, today we’re going to take you through the 5 worst blackjack strategies that the world has ever seen!

Make €100 a Day

First up is the strategy that says make €100 in a day, then walk away and come back tomorrow. Now, this might take a large number of bets over the course of a session, especially if you’re playing €1 or less bets. But, for those people looking to make a living by playing blackjack, your bet size will be significantly more. So, it’s these people this tip is aimed at, and these people often need to win three or four hands to hit their goals in this strategy.


This is all well and good on day one, there’s a more than 75% chance of winning three hands in a day and being up by three hands. But, then you’re expecting to do this day, after day after day. After a month, you need to be up by 90 hands, and the math isn’t on your side at all. Just because you come back another day, it doesn’t mean the odds reset. You’re still trying to win 90 hands more than you lose over the course of a month.

The odds are massively against you. There’s a 1 in 3,000 chance of being up every single day for 30 days. So, if you want to risk it, go ahead. But we’re warning you, it’s a bad idea!

Progressive Betting Systems

So, this might not apply to everyone out there, but if you’re taking blackjack seriously enough to want to make a living from it, then this will be a huge issue for you. Small stakes players can get away with it because their bankroll will never allow for it to reach this stage.

Progressive betting strategies such as the Martingale, will only mean that you hit the table limit incredibly quickly. It can help you recover your losses and get back to square one, but if you start out with a €50 bet, it won’t be long before you hit the limit and can’t even double down. If you’re playing a €5 – €2,000 table, you can only double your bets 12 times before you hit the limit.

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Statistically speaking, one every 7 hours of play you’ll lose 12 hands in a row. Do you really want to have €2,000 on the table to try and win €5? That’s a bit crazy if you ask us!

The No Bust Strategy

The no bust strategy is actually a pretty cool idea, and on paper sounds amazing, but in reality, it’s actually going to crush you way more than if you risk it and bust. Essentially, the strategy says that if you’ve got a hand that you can bust by picking up a 10, you stand. This means you’re going to stand on any hand higher than 11, which happens a whole lot of the time. Even if the dealer gets as a 12, you lose.

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The sad reality of this strategy is that you’re going to lose 8 times more money by using this strategy than if you just used basic strategy – something that’s very easy to do if you’re playing online blackjack.

Play Like the Dealer

The theory is that the dealer hits 16 and below while standing on 17 and above. This is a nice idea, but in practice it will cost you a lot of money. There are times according to Basic Strategy where you should stand on a 12-16 when the dealer is showing a 3-6 because that’s when the dealer is most likely to bust, so you’d be throwing away prime opportunities to bank a win.

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You also miss out on double downs where the player has the advantage and can take home a lot more money than with a regular hand. Long story short, you waste a whole lot of opportunities and could put yourself in a pretty big hole. You’ll lose money 10 to 12 times faster when playing this strategy compared to using basic strategy.

Following Your Heart When Card Counting

Finally, we come to our final strategy to avoid, and it’s actually card counting. But, it is not just any old card counting strategy, it’s following your heart when card counting. This is the term for players that aren’t completely perfect card counters. These people know enough to get by, but don’t know what the running count is or the adjusted count.


Card counters that follow their heart will see a bunch of small cards come out and will start raising their bet. But, without knowing the running count and the true count, this could be a deadly mistake. Just because 5 low value cards came out of the shoe, it doesn’t mean that the count is low. The true count could be very high, meaning that lots more small cards are coming out next and they’ll end up in the hole even more.

Just Learn How to Play Blackjack Properly

These are the worst blackjack strategies that you can follow, so do yourself a favor and don’t play any of these. If you want to be a long-term winner, learn perfect basic strategy and learn how to count cards properly. You can’t do this overnight and it takes months of hard work and dedication.


But, once you master these skills, you’ll be the very best blackjack player that you can be. This will give you the best chance to win in the long-run and get banned from every land-based casino on the planet!