Twice as Many Roulette Wheels Means Twice as Much Fun!

We’ve done the math, twice as many roulette wheels is at least double the fun of regular roulette. If you are up for a challenge, you can head on down to our live casino suite and try your hand at Duo Roulette. With streams available from the International Casino and the St Vincent Resort, you have the freedom to pick a game that suits your pace.

In duo roulette the rules are the same as regular roulette, only there are two wheels running in the same feed, meaning you can place twice as many bets from the same window – perfect for players who love roulette action.

Buckle Up for the Ultimate Roulette Experience

We will be honest with you; due roulette isn’t for the faint-hearted – keeping track of bets on two tables at once can be rather tricky. If you’re up for the challenge, you can place twice as many bets and potentially win twice as much money – pretty good tradeoff, right? Roulette doesn’t get more exciting than two wheels spinning in tandem while you frantically try to place your bets for the next round.

International Casino is a Little Slower

Out of the two options available from Authentic Gaming, International Casino plays a little slower. There is generally more foot traffic in the casino, meaning the dealer takes longer to accept all bets and start spinning the wheel. If you’re just getting into the marvelous world of duo roulette, this might be the best feed for you. The feed from the St Vincent Resort is faster in terms of spins per hour, but it’s not so fast you can’t enjoy yourself.

Both Wheels are European

If you like to play American roulette, you’re out of luck here unfortunately. Both of these streams use the European wheel, meaning you can’t place those five number bets. Don’t worry though, you can still take advantage of the En Prison rule even while you play on two wheels at once – the rules remain exactly the same.

Too Much Action for Specific Bets

Most of the time, you will find yourself focusing on one wheel more than the other – it’s just human nature. However, from time to time you will likely end up placing a bet on the second wheel, especially when the casino floor gets really busy and the table play slows down to a 5-minute round. Keeping track of two wheels at once makes placing bets via a system – such as the Martingale system – a thrilling challenge. If you do try and use the Martingale system in duo roulette, make sure you keep track of your bankroll and the next bet – otherwise you could burn through your cash faster than anticipated.

If you’re looking to climb up the Table Wars leaderboard quickly, duo roulette is your best friend. With the ability to place twice as many bets per spin, you will rack up double the points – meaning you’re going to get a larger share of the €1,000 weekly prize.

Until midnight CET on January 20th, when you place bets on table games – like duo roulette – you will start to level up in our Bora Bora Adventure promotion. While table games level you up slower than slots, you can still compete with a fighting chance thanks to fast-paced games like duo roulette.