Meet the Legendary Mr Vegas as He Puts on a Show in Mr Vegas Slot

Mike Tyson, Frank Sinatra, Elvis and even Liberace, they have all been known as Mr Vegas at some point in life and for a showman, it doesn’t get bigger than that. Nothing beats Sin City when it comes to showmanship, glitter and glamour. It doesn’t matter how big these names once were, none of them could hold a candle to the one and only Mr Vegas. If you have any doubt, just load and play the game created to honor the man himself, the Mr Vegas slot.

This guy was born for the spotlight and treats his ladies, paparazzi, media and fans with the utmost respect and with a manner as smooth as Mulberry silk. Watch and learn as Don Juan seduces everything and everyone to clear the path for you to spin your way to the glimmering progressive jackpot!

It’s Las Vegas After All

Bright lights, women, casinos, black jack, chips, roulette, epic wins and a whole bunch of champagne is what you can expect from this slot. In other words, it’s Las Vegas! The buzz is real and Mr Vegas is in town expecting to have a blast and with you behind the reels, we would say it’s pretty much guaranteed.

We don’t normally say this but the intro in this game is definitely worthy of your attention. While you wait for the 5 reels and 30 paylines to appear on the screen, you can pick up a trick or two.


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The New Normal

As expected, Mr Vegas is in a league of his own and your normal wilds, multipliers and scatters have been replaced with two bonus rounds and a free spin feature.

Being the spider in the middle of his Las Vegas web, when Mr Vegas shows up on reels 1, 3 and 5 you get to pay a visit to the roulette table. Rocking up to the wheel with two girls on his arms, you get to help him pick out 3 numbers and hope for some luck.

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Spin the One Armed Bandit

There is no Vegas without slot machines and when you score 3 of them you will trigger a mini bonus game where you get 3 spins on a vintage miniature slot machine. Cool!

Spin your way to the Money wheel jackpot

It’s the Money Wheel that holds the key to the big jackpot and in order to get to spin this bad boy, 5 pizza slices or slabs must find their way onto your reels. When this is sorted you can try your luck by spinning the wheel and free spins, bonus rounds, free credits or the big jackpot will be yours. You do want the jackpot, right?

How to Get Your Free Spins

We’re not quite done yet, as there are free spins to put to work. Land the dice next to Mr Vegas and you will trigger them. Whatever the value of the dice is, it will result in the amount of free spins you’ll get. You can get up to 10 of them and with a 2x multiplier, we’d say it’s a pretty good setup!

All the Entertainment You Can Think Of

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