The Wild Antics Slot Will Open up Your Eyes to a Whole New World

Ants have an undeservingly bad reputation for some reason. All they do is work their tails off to provide for their family which is a pretty admirable trait if you ask us. On top of all this, there is a nasty piece of work out there trying to munch on as many of them as possible.

This creature goes by the name of Aardvark, and believe it or not, it’s all happening in the Wild Antics slot from Blueprint Gaming.

We should also give you a heads up as these aren’t your regular ants, as they will perform stunts you wouldn’t even dream of. That is unless you have ever seen ants with jet-packs before? Keep an eye out for Adam the Ant who will randomly appear, ready to cause some crazy antics! All this craziness is however easy to accept when the max win is a juicy €250,000!

Let’s go walk a mile in the shoes of an ant and see what it’s like!

They Are All Over the Place

It may not be an anthill per se, but the grid who’s supplying today’s action consists of 5 reels and 20 paylines. You won’t have a hard time spotting the main characters as they are all over the place.

Sporting a medium high volatility and a 95.51% RTP, the wins should be coming at a gentle pace, not unlike a column of ants. The multiplier is a fairly low 500x but you can still make some good coin in this game.


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Jet Pack Antics

If you were to notice one of the soldier ants appearing from the ground, you may need to prepare for the Jet Pack Antics feature, in order to deal with the problem.

Take your pick from the 3 flying soldiers and it will give you one of the following 4 features:

Wild Antics – The aardvark will appear on screen, trying to catch one of the ants. Watch as the ant presses a button and drops an anvil onto its enemy’s head. Stars will appear and float onto the reels where it will turn symbols into wilds. Nice!

Frantic Antics – The ant will blow his whistle and other ants will appear and shake things around on the reels in order to create a winning combo. This will continue until the aardvark appears, so cash in as much as you can before it’s over.

Aardvark Antics – One of the ants will jump from reel to reel while the aardvark’s trunk will try and stop the reel. If it does it well enough, the reel will turn wild. However, if the ant manages to throw a rock in the trunk instead, it will move onto the next reel without turning it wild.

Colossal Antics – An entire colony of ants will march onto your screen carrying colossal wild symbols. These will be placed on the reels and hopefully give you a nice, big win!

Get Ready for Free Spin Action

Why settle for one type free spins when you can have several. Here are the ones you can enjoy in the land of the ants.

Worker Ant Free Spins – Landing 2 bonus symbols together with a worker ant will get you these free spins, where a special wild symbol will be activated.

Soldiers Ant Free Spins – Two of the bonus symbols combined with a soldier ant will trigger this version. A different special wild will be added as well as multipliers.

Colonel Ant Free Spins – When this is triggered, the reel frame will change to a 5×4 look, opening up the playing field to 40 paylines.

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Queen Ant Free Spins – Same as above but with a special oversized wild symbol roaming the reels during each spin.

This Is a Ton of Fun

Life as an ant is completely nuts but at the same time a ton of fun! We can’t wait to get back in there with our new best friends.

This is a homerun by Blueprint Gaming and unless you are deadly afraid of aardvarks, you need to head over there right now and press spin. Once again, welcome to the Wild Antics slot!