How to Play Online Casino Games with Ethereum

Ethereum is known as Bitcoin’s more versatile younger cousin, and it’s constantly improving to try and become the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency around. Now, unlike Bitcoin, there are thousands of uses for your Ethereum tokens, but today we’re going to examine just one – online gaming.

What better way to enjoy your Ethereum than by playing at a fully regulated online casino that supports Ethereum play? Let’s dive into the world of Ethereum casinos to find out exactly how they work, the bonuses you can get and, most importantly, how you can turn your Ethereum into a small fortune!

What is Ethereum?

We’re going to start with the very basics, just in case you’ve got no clue what we’re on about here. Ethereum, better known as ETH, is a digital cryptographic token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain network and has done so since July 30, 2015. A blockchain developer by the name of Vitalik Buterin designed and created the code that gave life to the most versatile blockchain network the world had ever seen at the time.

Now, Ethereum has the second-largest market cap and is used by some of the biggest companies in the world to run their applications. Simply put, ETH is a token that allows holders to interact with the Ethereum network, often using the token as a form of digital currency.

5 Ethereum Facts

  • Ethereum is one of the fastest blockchain networks to process transactions
  • The team that’s actively working on improving Ethereum donates a huge amount of money to young developers
  • Ethereum has one of the lowest gas fees of all blockchain networks
  • Dozens of large businesses use the Ethereum network to run their blockchain services
  • The development of Ethereum was funded through crowdfunding

How is Ethereum used for online casino gambling?

Ethereum has more purposes than we care to count, but one of the most exciting uses for Ethereum is for online gambling. There are a number of ways to use your Ethereum for online gambling, but few are as safe as playing with it at a regulated online casino, like BitStarz.

To start playing at an online casino with Ethereum, all you have to do is sign up at any one of the myriads of online casinos that support Ethereum and make a deposit. You will be given a unique address to send your Ethereum so that it can be credited to your account. Then, the online casino’s systems will allow you to play selected games in Ethereum, just as if you were using EUR, USD, AUD, CAD or any other standard currency that you could imagine.

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How does Ethereum casino gambling work?

Fortunately, you don’t fully need to know the ins and outs of how Ethereum gambling works thanks to online casinos and the platforms they present. To put it simply, casinos turn any currency into coins in the backend of their system.

For cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, it’s adjusted based on the current value of the cryptocurrency. Then, you wager visually with Ethereum, or any accepted cryptocurrency, and the system does its magic, allowing you to gamble online with ease.

5 Ethereum Gambling Facts

  • Gambling in Ethereum is completely legal in most jurisdictions
  • The number of big wins being paid out to Ethereum players is rising
  • Ethereum stored at regulated casinos is totally safe and is insured against theft
  • Ethereum players favor provably fair games owing to the added layer of trust surrounding these games.
  • Casinos offer great deposit bonuses to players that use Ethereum

Can I get a casino bonus for playing games in Ethereum?

All casinos have a deposit bonus, with some deposit bonuses being significantly better than others. For example, here at BitStarz you will get 20 free spins for creating an account. Plus, over your first four deposits you can get an extra 180 free spins and up to 40 Ethereum extra as a bonus.

Let’s say you deposit 28 ETH over your first four deposits, you will get to play with 48 ETH thanks to the epic deposit bonus at BitStarz. Now that, my casino loving, is a welcome bonus that you can’t afford to miss.


When it comes to deposit bonuses and free spins, Ethereum casinos tend to offer the best deals and packages. You can guarantee that you’re going to land yourself a ton of free spins, and with the various free spins events that BitStarz has on offer, you’re never too far away from your next free spins drop.

Free spins are essentially free game rounds on popular slots titles, after all, who doesn’t enjoy spinning the reels for free with the same chances of winning a big bundle of cash?

5 Reasons to Claim Free Spins

  • Free spins let you spin the reels of a slot game for free at your current bet value
  • Free spins can often lead to large jackpot wins
  • Free spins can be won in-game, bought in-game, or credited through special bonus offers
  • Various games have unique free spins modes, allowing you to use different types of boosters to help you win more Ethereum
  • Free spins come with more high-value symbols than the base version of the game, raising the stakes and your wins at the same time

What are the benefits of playing at Ethereum casino?

While there are no additional benefits in terms of better odds, better payouts, better deposit bonuses, or the such, there are a few huge bonuses that you can take advantage of. The first being Ethereum’s fantastic transaction time. Simply put, this means when you make a deposit, the Ethereum is in your account in seconds, as opposed to minutes when compared to other deposit methods. The same goes for withdrawals.

When the Ethereum network is running smoothly, you can expect money from your withdrawals to be in your wallet in under 5 minutes once the cashout has been approved. If you compare that to the average 3 day window for a bank transfer to process, you quickly realize how much you can benefit from playing casino games using Ethereum.

What Ethereum casino games can I play?

Unfortunately, not all games at casinos support Ethereum play. Don’t let this put you off though, there is still a huge number of games ready and waiting for you to play. You can find big name slots such as: Wolf Gold, Deep Sea, Jade Valley, Brave Viking, Feng Shui Kitties and the legendary Bison Trail.

As for live table games, you can sink your teeth into a wide range of blackjack, three card poker, baccarat and roulette tables. There are thousands of games available for Ethereum play at BitStarz casino, so give it a whirl and find your new favorite game.

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Are Ethereum casino games provably fair?

One of the most popular types of casino games that’s going around at the moment are provably fair games. A provably fair game allows a player, such as yourself, to adjust values such as spin speed to impact the outcome of the spin. Your settings are then mashed into a special hash that includes the random game seed and after the round has been played, you can verify this hash to ensure that there was no funny business happening within the game.

Provably fair games allow you to be in total control and check the outcome of the result versus the inputs of the game. You can’t use this data to cheat unfortunately, but it can be used to make sure your casino experience is the very best – after all, you don’t want any trust issues or doubts when you play, do you?


Not all games will be provably fair, so you will need to hunt around for these types of titles. A game developer has to implement provably fair technology into its releases, and not all developers do this, meaning it can be tough to find a provably fair game at some Ethereum casino sites.

At BitStarz, all games from BGAMING are provably fair. Some have a ribbon icon and some have a tick symbol that takes you to the provably fair settings. You’ve got more than fifty provably fair games to pick from, so if playing at a provably fair Ethereum casino is for you, then BitStarz could very well be the casino platform you’ve been looking for.

How do I find a regulated Ethereum casino?

When it comes to playing at an online casino, you need to make sure you’re playing at a fully regulated one – especially when it comes to playing in Ethereum. There are no banks in the crypto world, so you need to totally trust the casino that you’re sending your Ethereum to, so, it’s best to head straight to a fully regulated casino site.

To start with, you can check the footer of the casino to see where it’s regulated – there should be a registration number there. You can then check this number at the regulator’s website. If the details all match up then you know you’ve found a genuine and fully regulated casino. This might take up some time, but when it comes to risking your Ethereum a little more work is definitely needed to mitigate any risks. In case you were wondering, yes, BitStarz is a fully regulated Ethereum casino.


Will an Ethereum casino use Blockchain technology?

While a handful of Ethereum casinos do use blockchain technology, most fully regulated casinos will be on the clear web, not a blockchain network. The main difference being that rather than records being kept on the blockchain, records are stored on secure servers.

There are a few advantages and disadvantages to playing at both types of casinos, but at the end of the day, the pros and cons do balance out quite well. All a regular casino needs to do in order to accept Ethereum deposits is to set up a dedicated Ethereum wallet service for each and every player account, something we’ve done here at BitStarz. This ensures your Ethereum makes it into your account, allowing you to get all of the delicious deposit bonuses and hot casino gaming action with minimal fuss.

Can I get free Ethereum when I play at online casinos?

We love all free things, especially when it comes to Ethereum.

When you create your BitStarz account and deposit, you can take advantage of our free Ethereum deposit bonus. As we explained earlier, you can get up to 40 ETH completely free, all you have to do is deposit and take advantage of the very special deposit bonus on offer. This is free Ethereum and you won’t find as much free Ethereum anywhere else on the planet – not unless it comes with strings attached.

It doesn’t end there either, keep your eyes peeled on the BitStarz blog for more free Ethereum giveaways in the very near future.

Does playing casino games in Ethereum cut down the house edge?

Many people believe that playing various games at casinos in Ethereum can cut down the house edge, but this is simply a myth. The games are exactly the same and the house edge remains – yes, you guessed it – the same.

Your best bet at cutting the house edge and essentially winning free money is to learn the games inside out. This only applies to table games, but if you can learn the rules and how to play each hand, you can cut the house edge down and give yourself the best chance at winning.

There is no such thing as a free win in the casino world, so cutting the house edge with knowledge and skills is vital if you want to play successfully at an Ethereum casino. We’ve put together plenty of free and easy to use guides to help you learn the ropes, cut down the house edge, and play games like a pro.

If you want to rumble an Ethereum casino and walk away with a ton of ETH, it’s well worth spending some time going through these.

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Do Ethereum casinos use smart contracts?

All casinos operate differently, so we can’t give you a definite answer to this question. Yet, what we can do is walk you through which types of Ethereum casinos are more likely to use smart contracts than others. Ethereum casinos that use blockchain technology will virtually always use smart contracts to run games, handle deposits, and process withdrawals, among many other things.

On the other side of the coin, traditional online casinos will have systems that don’t rely on smart contracts to handle these features. So, it really depends on the technology the Ethereum casino uses. If you’re not sure, you can always ask the Ethereum casino you’re playing at. Here at BitStarz, we don’t use any smart contracts.

How do I start playing at an Ethereum online casino?

We thought you’d never ask.

Getting started at BitStarz is one of the easiest things you could ever do – it’s up there with the free pens you can get at conferences. Simply head to the registration page and fill in a few key details, including picking Ethereum as your playing currency of choice. From there, you can take advantage of the generous Ethereum casino deposit bonus that we’re offering, which amounts to 200 free spins in total and 40 free ETH.

After that, all you have to do is pick which games to play, ranging from the latest slots all the way through to the hottest table games.

At BitStarz, you’re never far away from a big win, a free deposit bonus, or more – enjoy Ethereum casino lovers!