Celebrate a New Year of Wins in Gold Tiger Ascent Slot

One of the oldest traditions of Chinese New Year is the exchange of red envelopes at gatherings with family and friends. Although also filled with money, the envelope itself is an important element of the tradition as it represents good wishes and luck for the year ahead. The cash is just an added benefit.

Join in on this ancient tradition in Gold Tiger Ascent slot from BetSoft to receive your own red envelope and as much as €252,000!

That’s a tiger, not a panda!

In 2008, DreamWorks released an animated movie that featured a fat panda voiced by Jack Black, who learns Kung Fu from a turtle voiced by Dustin Hoffman. If that was the only pitch you heard, would you go to watch this movie? Despite the absurdity, Kung Fu Panda went on to be the third highest-grossing movie of the year behind The Dark Knight and the awful Indiana Jones sequel.

Why do we bring up Kung Fu Panda? Well, as soon as you launch the Gold Tiger Ascent slot, you’ll know why. The tiger character and the location appear ripped from the DreamWorks franchise with just as much personality as Po, Master Shifu, Monkey, Tigress, and the rest of the gang. And we’re not angry at all. It’s a fantastically fun-looking slot.


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In addition to the unmoving tiger character and the mountaintop location, the slot’s symbols feature several nods to Chinese culture. This includes the tiger, which symbolizes the Year of the Tiger, and red envelopes that are traditionally exchanged during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Are you ready to open envelopes of wins?

Once you have ascended the great mountain and paid homage at the temple of wins, you’ll have a chance to win big!

During base gameplay, you’ll have the chance to grab between three and five mystery red envelopes with each spin. If you manage to grab a few, they open to reveal cash prizes, wilds, or even scatter symbols.

If you’re looking for the big wins to kick off your new year, you’ll need to grab three or more scatter symbols to unlock between 6 and 10 free spins. Once you do, each and every spin will reveal between three and nine mystery red envelopes. If you manage to grab cash prizes in all nine envelopes, you’ll be in for huge wins!


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If ascending the mountain to receive your red envelope of wins sounds like a little too much work, you can also select to purchase a round of free spins. You can select to purchase 6, 8, or 10 free spins with the cost determined by the amount of your current bet.

Does Gold Tiger Ascent slot promise a prosperous 2022?

BetSoft is by no means the only slot provider to release a themed slot based on the Chinese New Year. They do, however, manage to distinguish the Gold Tiger Ascent slot from the pack. Although it is clearly an attempt to capitalize on the holiday, the slot stands on its own as a great slot with fun graphics and exciting bonus features.

It also doesn’t hurt that the slot offers medium volatility with a €252,000 jackpot. There is a slight stumble with a 95.37% RTP rating, but that isn’t enough to deter us from this one.

If you’d like to continue celebrating Chinese New Year, we suggest giving Year of the Tiger, Retro Tiger, and Fortune Tiger Hyperways a spin.