Roll up Your Sleeves and Really Dig Into the Dig Dig Digger Slot

There have been endless discoveries underneath the golden desert sand of Egypt, including some of the world’s biggest treasures. Rumor has it that there may even be an entire civilization hiding under there. Nobody really knows but we can all agree that it would take a lot of digging and what better way to get closer to the truth than by shaking up the reels of the very entertaining Dig Dig Digger slot from BGaming!

It takes a brave man to challenge the unforgiving desert sun but then again, you’ll have a shot at finding a €110,000 max win and perhaps even the hidden city. You won’t meet a more charismatic and loving character than the archeologist in the game and his biggest dream is to help you win big!

Let him take his shovel and show you the ropes around free spins with expanding symbols and the gamble feature while he prances around in his very eye-catching outfit.

Reels Are Spinning and Luck Is Digging

Truer words have never been spoken and coming from the archeologist himself, we have to pay attention. Some call him crazy but we would rather use the word determined, so wearing a pink t-shirt with the olympic rings or not, he will risk it all for you on the 5 reels.

He is of course also considered the most valued symbol, only challenged by the golden shovel as both the wild and scatter.


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The deeper you go, the better the chance of finding the €110,000 max win. Considering this is a 95.50% RTP, very high volatility game, there will definitely be some explosive wins for you to dig up. Your bet limit is a decent €20 and with the 5,500x multiplier, this is going to be fun!

How to Get Free Spins

In order to get free spins, you really need to put the golden shovel to use. Make sure to land at least 3 of the scatters and set yourself up with 10 free spins. Before you can get going, a special symbol must be picked. This will happen randomly by the archeologist digging one up for you.

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When enough of them show on the reels, the special symbols will expand and cover entire reels. You can imagine what this can do for your winnings so bring as many as you possibly can!

Double Your winnings

The gamble feature is a nice addition and with a simple click, you can double your win in a simple card game. You’ll have to risk a little to win a little but double the money is twice as fun!

It’s a Great Time

The world needs to see more of this guy. He is hilarious and it doesn’t hurt that he can also get you a ton of cash! Playing the Dig Dig Digger slot is a real treat and if you’re looking for a good time, you need to give this game a shot. You won’t regret it!