Mingle With This Fun Single in 1 Reel Egypt Slot

Being single is the best. You get to rock out with your socks out like Tom Cruise in Risky Business but the downside is you’ll probably be more Han Solo than Harrison Ford… if you catch our meaning.

Now there’s no need for the five-finger shuffle with 1 Reel Egypt slot – we’re playing slots here after all, not cards – so let’s take a look at the most fun you can have solo with the latest offering from Spinomenal.


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A party of one for something a little different

We’ve seen some innovative things in our time, so it’s really cool when a game studio comes up with something that makes us go “whoah” and forces us to take a second look. Slot games with strange grid setups aren’t that novel but having a single reel is not something you see every day.

As you’ve no doubt guessed from the title, this one is set in Egypt (OK, no points for innovation there) and has the requisite pillars-and-hieroglyphics thing going on in the background.

On the left of the single reel is a table with 3 columns – that’s the Progressive Meter. At the top of these, you’ll see a sphynx-type cat, an ankh, or a scarab beetle. These match up with the symbols that appear on the reel.

Each time a symbol lands smack-bang in the middle of the reel, the corresponding meter fills up by one spot and moves you onto the next level. In other words, your winnings are accumulated in a bank of sorts but if you’re into instant gratification, you can grab your winnings whenever you want by hitting the “Collect” button.


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Power up the progressive meter

Besides the 3 symbols we mentioned, there’s also a Wild which is the same as landing all of the symbols at the same time! It means that each of the bars in the Progressive Meter gets kicked up a notch.

Then there’s the p*ssed-off cobra with the words “Reset Bank” in front of it. If this comes in, it will reset all prize progressions and so the bank goes back to zero. Boo!

Once you’ve reached the final level for a specific symbol, if you land another one of those symbols, you’ll clinch the final level win amount. Now if you fill all 3 of the progressive bars, you’ll lay claim to the jackpot!


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Rocking the reel can be a nail-biting experience

Right, now onto the technical stuff. The RTP ranges between 64.95 and 95.42%. The volatility is high and the bet limit goes from €0.10 to €75. The multiplier isn’t much, at 500x, and the top prize is a pretty small €37,500.

We have to admit that there’s a certain amount of excitement/frustration that comes with this game. It’s cool because you get to work your way up the Progressive Meter, but then you wanna throw your keyboard when that damn cobra comes along and resets everything.

But that’s exactly what Spinomenal was aiming for, we reckon. You don’t usually get a visceral reaction to a slot game as you do here, so even though it’s simple, and the potential winnings are definitely not huge, it gets the juices flowing. For that reason alone, we’d suggest giving it a go.

Egyptian-themed games are a dime a dozen but if you’re into this, then we’d suggest trying Book of Toro slot. It’s a deviation from the norm, but you’ll be well entertained and hopefully, well rewarded too!